Forms and checklists



Planning permits
Apply for a planning permit(DOC, 287KB)

Construct or extend one dwelling

Single Dwelling On A Lot Less Than 300sqm Checklist(PDF, 159KB)

Construct two or more dwellings

Multi Dwellings Checklist(PDF, 267KB)

Permits for heritage building

New Dwelling or House Extensions in a Heritage Overlay Checklist(PDF, 343KB)

Solar Panels in a Heritage Overlay checklist(PDF, 354KB)

Subdivide residential land


Demolition permit

Building permit application form(PDF, 389KB)

Report and consent

Adjoining Owners Consent Form(DOC, 44KB)

Report and Consent Application (Part 4 Siting)(DOC, 78KB)

Form A - Request under Section 29A Building Act 1993(DOC, 51KB)

Application for Protection of the Public (Reg 604)(DOC, 184KB)

Application for Buildings Above or Below Certain Public Facilities (Reg 515)(DOC, 183KB)

Application for Council Consent to Build on Designated Land or Works (Reg 806)(DOC, 181KB)

Application for Council Consent to Build on Land Liable to Flooding (Reg 802)(DOC, 181KB)

Application for Building Projections (Reg 513)(DOC, 184KB)

Build over easements

Build Over Easement Report and Consent — Guidelines(PDF, 807KB)

Consent to Build Over an Easement Form(DOC, 178KB)

Construct a driveway

Vehicle Crossover Application Form(DOCX, 109KB)

Satellite dish permit

Satellite Dish Checklist(DOC, 430KB)

Road opening permit

Road opening permit application form(DOCX, 102KB)

Pre-application meeting

Pre-application meeting request form(PDF, 415KB)

Amend an application

Amendment to an Application for Planning Permit(PDF, 371KB)

Amend a permit

Secondary Consent form(DOC, 54KB)

Amendment to Planning Permit form(PDF, 371KB)

Apply for a permit extension

Extension of Time to Planning Permit form(DOC, 61KB)

Property enquiry

Property Enquiry Application Form(PDF, 16KB)

Land Information Certificate

Property Enquiry Application Form(PDF, 16KB)

Building in a flood overlay area

Building works in a flooding overlay (LSIO) Checklist(PDF, 319KB)

Access old building files

Request for archive files form(DOCX, 58KB)

Request for neighbour details to repair/replace fencing

Fencing application form(DOCX, 47KB)

Protection work notice

Protection work notice form(DOC, 32KB)

Renovating or building business premises

Buildings and works (excluding dwellings) checklist(PDF, 244KB)