Public health, businesses and registrations

Businesses that require registration by Maribyrnong City Council are ones that the state and federal governments consider have a significant potential to spread disease throughout society.  Business that can cause the spread of disease are those such as Food businesses which can cause food poisonings, tattooists, waxing and nail salons which can cause skin infections, tobacconists which can lead to respiratory illness and prescribed accommodation businesses which have the potential to cause skin and parasite health issues.

 If you want to run one of the types of businesses listed above naturally council wants to encourage you, however you need to do it in a manor that the community of Maribyrnong and the laws allocated by the governing bodies dictate, these laws ensure that your customers are safe, but also that your business will continue to function with happy customers into the future.

To register a business or find appropriate information for your business click on the corresponding option below.