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Arts PracticeFine Art Painter
DescriptionThrough the language of art (abstraction, surrealism, realis, etc) I create works that take into account the natural world and everyday objects and our impact upon them. Done in oils, watercolours, digital imaging & mixed media.
Contact0430 369 345
Arts PracticePainter and Installation Artist
DescriptionOil on canvas, rubber installation and sound. Stuff that's different with a surrealist side.
Contact9687 9082
Arts PracticePainting/Collage
DescriptionI paint abstract landscapes and objects using oils, oil sticks, collage and thread. As an Occupational Therapist I have also incorporated craft into my work as a means to acknowledge the importance of activity, especially from a female perspective.
ContactQuinch Art 0499 266531
Email Cath Williams
Arts PracticePainter
DescriptionContemporary landscape painting of endangered grasslands of the western volcanic plains, St Albans & Cairnlea.
ContactLiving Colour Studio, 14 Murray St ,Yarraville
Arts PracticePainter
DescriptionI am painting on canvas reflecting landscape and its vastness, light and dark contrasts mixed with figurative. I contruct my images deliberately to evoke a feeling of warmth, remoteness yet at one with the landscape.
Contact0419 884 719
Email Cathy Muhling
Arts PracticePainter & Drawer
DescriptionI paint realism, my medium is oil. Drawing charcoal, pencil, conte etc.
Contact9687 1312
Arts PracticePainter
DescriptionPainter & Educator. BFA & Dip Ed. 20+ exhibition and industry experience
Contact0407 197 106
Email Erika Gofton
Arts PracticePainter
DescriptionI use silk on canvas with crystals and things from nature to intrduce positive energy for my clients space.
Arts PracticeVisual Artist (2D and Spatial)
DescriptionWorks in a range of materials/mediums from industrial sculptural installations to the printed or drawn image (printmaking, painting, drawing).
Contact9689 2591 / 0408 573 702
Email Fleur Brett
Arts PracticeProfessional Artist
DescriptionOriginal contemporary artworks specialising in abstract to semi abstract paintings. Commissions accepted. Tutoring all ages and skill levels. Rental service available. Studio visits by appointment only.
Contact0421 433 065
Email Jillian Gregurke BA
Arts PracticePainter
DescriptionAs an artist I create paintings in which I have used the weather as a metaphor for the emotive changes we experience through our lives.
ContactVia email
Email Julie-anne Armstrong-roper
Arts PracticePainter
DescriptionTwo dimensional works on canvas or paper using mixed media exploring texture and pattern.
Contact9391 3994
Email Karen Goodall
Arts PracticePortrait Painter
DescriptionI strive to capture the spirit and soul of the subject. Archibald Finalist 2006.
ContactVia email
Email Kathleen J. Vafiadis
Arts PracticePainter/Photographer
DescriptionMy work is based around the quest for meaning in our lives.
Contact0409 171 859
Email Kathryn Wilkins
Arts PracticeOil and Wax on Canvas
DescriptionTo observe and paint inner city Melbourne and its values as dreamlike.
Email Kerry Herrmann
Arts PracticePainter, Printmaker & Sculptor
DescriptionI am continually learning & evolving as an artist. My art is highly personal, but also has meaning within a wider political context.
Email Larissa Macfarlane
Arts PracticePainter, Installation Artist, Public Art and Workshops.
DescriptionI am interested in the psychological relationship between nature and humans in the urban environment, looking for emeging patterns and interconnections.
Contact9317 5176 / 0403 365 532
Email Michal Teague
Arts PracticePainter
DescriptionNada is a tonal painter who works in oils and pastels and enjoys painting still life, landscapes and portraits.
Contact9379 4975
Email Nada Jovic
Arts PracticeAbsolutely Awetistic Arts
DescriptionI am an autistic artist who paints chiefly acryllic on canvas or paper. I have exhibited and sold paintings globally and have won numerous art awards.
Contact9379 2409
Email Patrick Francis
Arts PracticePainter
DescriptionUnusual portraiture of unusual people.
Contact0422 557 057
Arts PracticePainter
DescriptionSelf taught artist, very creative, loves painting landscapes, icons, animals and flowers. Works on canavas, boards, plates, wood and metals.
Contact0419 520 134
Email Vesna Miljkovic
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