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Objecting to a Planning Permit Application

Maribyrnong City Council is working towards a paperless environment. Help us reduce our environmental impact by sending your correspondence electronically to: .

Can I Object to an Application?

Any person who feels they may be adversely affected by the granting of a planning permit can lodge a formal objection with Council.

We encourage all objections to be emailed to: .

  • Be in writing and provide your full name,email address, contact telephone number/s and address
  • State the ground/s for your objection
  • State how you will be affected by the grant of a permit

We recommend your objection be lodged within the timeframe specified at the bottom of the Notice of Application and/or sign displayed at the site and be emailed to:

Objections can also be submitted in person or by post.

Can I lodge a Petition to an Application?

An objection can also be in the form of a petition which must state the reason/s for objection and how fellow petitioners will be affected by the granting of a permit.

A contact person should be nominated to receive all correspondence. If no person is nominated, Council will send all correspondence to the head petitioner (first name on the petition).

What Happens After my Objection is Lodged?

After an objection is lodged at Council, an acknowledgement letter is sent by mail advising that the objection has been registered. For petitions, all correspondence is forwarded to the nominated person or head petitioner.

As an objector, you may be contacted by telephone by one of Council’s Planning Officer’s to discuss your objection or invited to a mediation meeting or planning forum.

All objectors will be notified in writing of Council’s decision.

Who Can View My Objection?

Council must make available for inspection all objections free of charge to any person during normal office hours. Copies may be provided to interested parties for the sole purpose of enabling consideration and review as part of a planning process under the Planning and Environment Act 1987.

For more information contact:
Urban Planning
9688 0200

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