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Councillors Expenses

Councillors receive an annual allowance determined by the State Government in (Section 74A & 74 B of The Local Government Act), based on the size and population of the municipality. Maribyrnong City Council is classed as a ‘Category 2’ Council and councillors are paid $21,859 each year, while the Mayor receives an annual allowance of $67,634.

In addition to the allowance, councillors are entitled to refunds for money spent on their duties as Councillors. They are also entitled to receive an appropriate level of support to enable them to be accessible and available to the community. The level of support and refunds are decided by the councillors themselves and details are provided in the Councillor Support and Expenses Policy (attached below). Council recently amended and updated the policy to make councillors expenses and refunds publicly available.

Details of individual councillor's support and expenses are reported quarterly at Council meetings and provided in the attached documents under the following categories:

Conferences and Seminars

This category covers registration and accommodation fees and meals associated with attendance by Councillors at conferences, seminars and training held locally, interstate and overseas. These are held by local government related organisations, professional bodies and private sector providers on issues and events which impact on local government and Councillors decision making responsibilities.

Memberships, Functions and Others

Attendance at functions resulting from invitations or as part of Councillors obligation as the nominated representative to a particular committee.

Communication and Administration Costs

This category covers communication costs associated with ensuring Councillors are accessible and are able to communicate with constituents, other Councillors, Council officers and family members while conducting Council business locally. This category includes costs associated with use of mobile phones, and photocopying expenses.

Local Travel

This category covers costs associated with assisting Councillors in meeting the transport costs incurred in attending meetings, functions and other commitments within and outside the municipality. This comprises use of taxi service, reimbursement for use of private vehicle while conducting Council business, and car parking fees.

Child Care

This category comprises the costs associated with the reimbursement by Council of necessary child care expenses incurred by Councillors while undertaking duties as a Councillor.

For more information contact:
Council and Community Relations
9688 0200

All attachments are in PDF Format.

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