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Park Safely Outside Schools

No Second Chances - don't double park near schools !
Ava, Silas, Ruby, Ethan, Angus, Grace, Emily and Stelios from Footscray West Primary School, Cr Sel Sanli and Inspector Ian Geddes remind drivers to choose safety over convenience. Photography by Kapturemedia.

It only takes a second to ruin lives

If you double park or stop in a No Stopping zone near a school, even if it is just for a second, you are endangering lives. A moment’s convenience is not worth threatening the safety of children.

Drivers must take responsibility for parking safely at all times, especially around schools. Always obey parking signs – they are there to protect our children.

Council is working with local school communities and police to reduce the risks of dangerous parking around schools. You can do your bit and avoid double parking or stopping illegally.

Talk to a Parking Enforcement Officer if you have any concerns or issues with parking near your local school.

No Second Chances - don't double park near schools !

Tips for safer parking

  • Teach your children to get in and out of the car on the kerb side only
  • Never call your children across the road
  • Teach children to safely use the school crossing, or ask them to wait so you can cross together
  • Never double park as this blocks drivers’ and pedestrians’ sightlines causing congestion and endangering our children
  • Be patient. Stress and frustration cause accidents.
  • Expect the unexpected. Children are spontaneous and don’t always know the dangers around them.
  • ‘I’ll only be a few seconds’ is not an excuse. There is no acceptable time frame for dangerous parking.
  • Try parking away from the front gate and walk a little way to collect your child.
  • Try walking, riding or scootering with your child. Ask your school about travel groups.
  • Explore sustainable transport options

Test your local parking knowledge

For more information contact:
Parking and Local Laws
9688 0200

It Only Takes a Second Video

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