Our structure

We employ more than 600 staff to provide a broad range of services and community infrastructure.

Council administration is led by the Chief Executive Officer who has overall responsibility for the implementation of the Council Plan and providing timely advice to the Council on the performance of the organisation.

Infrastructure Services

Infrastructure Services plans and develops the city’s physical assets, such as local roads, paths, drains, laneways and buildings. The directorate is responsible for transport planning, parking management, traffic engineering, public lighting and operations, waste and cleansing services, and maintenance of parks and gardens.  It is also responsible for improving public realms, regulatory services including building services, environmental health and traffic, and local law and compliance.

Community Services

Community Services plans and provides services to support the community and enhance wellbeing in all stages of life. The directorate is responsible for leisure services, community learning and libraries, early years, youth and family services, positive ageing and inclusion, and community infrastructure and social development.

Corporate Services

Corporate Services provides services essential to maintaining the organisation’s operation and sustainable development. The directorate is responsible for governance, Council planning and performance reporting, communications and engagement, customer service, information technology, property management, contracts and procurement, and managing Council’s finances in responsible and sustainable manner.  Corporate Services also has a focus on planning sustainable developments throughout the City.