Our vision, function and values

Our vision

A diverse and vibrant city dedicated to community wellbeing through democracy, sustainable growth and opportunity for all.

How we achieve our vision is set out in the Council Plan 2017–2021.

Our functions

To help make Maribyrnong a great place to live, work and visit, Council performs a range of functions including:

  • planning for and providing services and facilities to the local community
  • regularly consulting with the community about service and program delivery
  • building and maintaining assets
  • ensuring resources are managed efficiently and responsibly
  • advocating for important issues on behalf of the community.

Council is also responsible for roads, parks, waste collection, land use, local laws, urban planning, personal and home care, early years services, recreation, events, community development, health protection and emergency management.

Our values

  • Respect
  • Courage
  • Integrity

Our guiding principles

Upholding human rights – We uphold your rights for the city to operate in a respectful and peaceful manner. Our commitment to human rights is outlined in the Human Rights and Social Justice Framework.

Implementing social justice and equity – We pursue equal rights and opportunity for all people, ensuring you are not discriminated against because of you age, gender, sexuality, ability, faith, social and economic status, cultural background or beliefs. We promote equitable access to our services and public places.

Engaging with our community – We foster a culture where you are respected, engaged and encouraged to participate in the life, activities and decision making of the city.

Advocating on issues – We represent the interests of our community by lobbying of government, business and other organisations.

Developing strong partnerships – We build new partnerships and strengthen the trust and confidence of our community partners. We work closely with groups, organisations and communities to achieve a shared vision.

Being transparent and accountable – Our processes, decisions and actions are carried out in an honest and transparent manner and are open to regular public monitoring and scrutiny.