Annual Budget and Strategic Resource Plan


Maribyrnong Council aims to deliver a responsible and balanced budget that maintains excellence in service delivery, provides a strong capital program and is responsive to the growing needs of our community.

The proposed Annual Budget 2020-21 of $149.7 million includes a robust capital program valued at $52.241 million.


The Budget has been developed in line with Council’s Long Term Financial Strategy and the Council Plan 2017-21 to ensure a sustainable future. The budget will provide significant support to residents and businesses affected by COVID-19, giving much needed relief during this difficult time.


We have reshaped our Annual Budget 2020-21 to meet the needs of local residents and businesses who have been affected by COVID-19, providing $4.1 million in support packages across a range of programs and initiatives:

  • We have developed a COVID-19 Financial Hardship Policy to assist those who have been financially impacted by the pandemic.
  • We have deferred the quarterly rate payments (May and September) for our businesses and residents.
  • Additionally for businesses, the May quarterly payment was discounted by 50 per cent. Commercial tenants of Council owned properties affected by COVID-19 received a 50 per cent discount on rent up until June 2020. We are also waiving a range of planning application fees for small businesses starting up before 30 September 2020.
  • Not-for-profit community rental payments have been waived until 30 September 2020.
  • Kinder central enrolment fees have been waived until the end of 2020.
  • Pet registration fees will also be waived/reimbursed for affected residents.
  • To support our local arts community, we have introduced a number of initiatives, including grants (upon application) for not-for-profit community arts organisations and Maribyrnong based arts practitioners, along with rental subsidies.
  • To support not-for-profit community sporting clubs, all lease, licence and ground fees will be waived until 31 December 2020, and utility and water fees will be waived until 30 September 2020.

Rate increase funds to be redirected to those in need:

  • Council will be allocating the full amount of $1.9 million (a 2 per cent rate increase in line with the government's rate cap) to ratepayers struggling with the impact of COVID-19. This will be quarantined as a rate rebate, ensuring every last dollar is spent assisting those who need it the most.

Increase to the Pensioner Rate Rebate Scheme:

  • We have proposed to increase the Pensioner Rate Rebate Scheme for all Maribyrnong pensioners eligible to participate in the State Government Pensioner Remission Scheme from $194.30 to $198.20 (an increase of 2 per cent).  

Council is continuing the provision of more than 60 key services

Capital Projects include:

  • $12.535 million for parks, open space and streetscapes in capital and improvement works including the planting of trees in streets, boulevards, and parks across the City
  • $12.721 million to improve Council-owned roads across the City
  • $3.060 million to build and improve footpath and cycle ways
  • $1.791 million for recreational, leisure and community facilities
  • $650,000 for off street carparks and other infrastructure
  • $639,000 in waste management
  • $320,000 for city amenity
  • $80,000 for an update to the Footscray City Edge Masterplan
  • $100,000 in street furniture repair and replacement
  • $120,000 for additional drainage maintenance
  • $100,000 for the installation of green street lights    

 Other Programs include:

  • Provision of a new Community Arts Grants Program for projects run by arts organisations in the City of Maribyrnong, totalling $300,000.
  • Sons and Daughters of the West: $70,000
  • Youth after School Initiative Braybrook: $33,000
  • Leaders of the Pack: $12,000

Community consultation on the budget

Council is inviting community feedback on the proposed 2020-21 Annual Budget and Strategic Resource Plan via our online community engagement platform Your City Your Voice:

There are a number of ways you can have your say:

  • Council will host a live streamed Question and Answer (Q&A) session on the Proposed Budget 2020-21 via a moderated webinar session on 3 June 2020. This opportunity enables residents to ask questions about the proposed 2020-21 Budget. Council’s Executive Team will be available to provide live responses to questions. To register to be involved in the Q+A session click here.
  • Ask questions via the Your City Your Voice Platform - from 4-11 June - Council’s Executive Team will be answering questions submitted online via Your City Your Voice from 4-11 June.  
  • Budget Bites - We will be profiling core areas of the budget for community discussion throughout the consultation period – through a ‘budget bites’ program on Your City Your Voice -
  • Submissions - Members of the public are invited to make written submissions to the proposed Budget 2020/2021/Strategic Resource Plan 2020-2024 to be received until 5pm on 18 June 2020.
  • Community Group Meetings Online - We will also be engaging with a number of key stakeholder groups virtually and online in relation to the budget.

For further information

Download a copy of the proposed Budget 2020-21 below.

Visit Council's consultation platform

Or contact Customer Service on 9688 0200.

Supporting documents

Download a copy of the proposed Annual Budget 2020-21 here(PDF, 2MB).

To view a copy of the proposed Annual Budget 2020-21 Companion Document click here(PDF, 1MB).