Annual Community Survey 2016

Annual Community Survey 2016

Council engaged Metropolis Research Pty Ltd to conduct the 2015 Survey on behalf of Council.
The data collection for the Survey has been completed and results are attached below.
If you would like more information about the Survey, contact Council on 9688 0200.

Top five council services important to the community (from highest to lowest)

  • Weekly garbage collection
  • Regular recycling
  • Services for children
  • Services for seniors
  • Hard rubbish collection

Top five council services with a high satisfaction score (from highest to lowest)

  • Weekly garbage collection
  • Local library
  • Regular recycling
  • Green waste collection
  • Sports ovals

Snapshot of survey results

  • Satisfaction with Council’s overall performance scored at 6.50, a level of satisfaction best categorised as “good”, although is a slight decrease on 2015 result of 6.64.
  • The services that the community is least satisfied with include parking enforcement, public toilets, maintenance & cleaning of Footscray CBD, footpath maintenance and repairs and traffic management.
  • Satisfaction with “Council’s performance meeting its responsibilities towards the environment” scored at 6.95 (up form last year 6.71) and is categorised as “good”.
  • The most commonly identified issues in 2016 were “car parking” (19.2% up from 18.4%), “traffic management” (14.1% down from 18.5%), and “building, housing, planning and development” (11.8% up from 6.4%).
  • The perception of safety in the public areas of the City of Maribyrnong during the day decreased from 8.58 in 2015 to 8.37, and at night decreased from 6.78 to 6.27.
  • Satisfaction with “Council’s performance promoting gender respect and equity” was rated at 7.27 down from 7.57, a level of satisfaction best categorised as “very good”.
  • The average satisfaction with the nine included aspects of customer service declined from 7.67 to 7.21, falling from a “very good” satisfaction level to “good”.