2020 Council Election

Local government general elections are held every four years in Victoria. The next Maribyrnong City Council general election will take place on 24 October 2020. Maribyrnong City Council is comprised of seven Councillors elected to three wards: River Ward (2 Councillors), Stony Creek Ward (3 Councillors) and Yarraville Ward (2 Councillors).

The election will be conducted via a postal vote by the Victorian Electoral Commission (VEC), the statutory provider of election services for all council elections in Victoria.

A person may stand as a candidate if enrolled or are entitled to be enrolled on the voters roll for the City of Maribyrnong. Once elected, a person must retain their entitlement to be enrolled to be able to continue as a Councillor.

Election period

The election caretaker period begins on the last day that nominations can be received and ends at 6pm on election day. Our Election Period Policy ensures that Council business continues throughout this period in a responsible and transparent manner.

Useful local government resources

There is a range of useful resources for people who wanted to learn more about local government as a sector, and past council elections. Visit these websites if you would like more information:

Want more information?

If you have any questions about council elections, contact the VEC on 131 832 or visit the VEC's website.