All voting in council elections is by post. The VEC will send ballot packs to all enrolled voters to complete and send back.

The voting system for all Victorian local councils is set by the Minister for Local Government.

If you own more than one property in a council area, you only get one vote.

Who you elect

In a council election, you are voting for an individual to become a Councillor.

You will be voting for someone in your ward to represent your section of the community.

To check the structure of your council, look up Maribynong’s Council profile.

After all councillors have been elected, they will then decide who will act as the Mayor.

Failure to vote

Voting in the Council election is compulsory for all Maribyrnong residents who are:

  • Aged 18 years or older.
  • An Australian citizen.
  • Have lived in Victoria for at least one month.
  • Are enrolled on the State roll for an address in the Maribyrnong City Council area.

The VEC is responsible for enforcing compulsory voting at local government elections.

Check your enrolment details and find more information on fines and reviews on the VEC website.