Our Leaders and Structure

Our Leaders

Council's Chief Executive Officer (CEO), Celia Haddock, has many responsibilities, one of which is ensuring that an organisational structure is established and maintained so that it supports the implementation of Council's decisions, and achieves its Vision for the City.

Celia leads our Executive Leadership Team which comprises of four Directors each leading a number of departments which have responsibility for ensuring the delivery and quality of the many services Council provides its community.

Our Executive Leadership Team comprises of:

  • Celia Haddock, Chief Executive Officer
  • Lucas Gosling, Director Community Services
  • Lisa King, Director Corporate Services
  • Patrick Jess, Director Infrastructure Services
  • Laura-Jo Mellan, Director Planning and Environment Services.

Our Executive Leadership Team supports the Council in its decision making and provides high-level, strategic advice to ensure positive outcomes for our community so that the needs, both now and into the future, are met.

Our Structure

Our organisational structure best reflects the way we work and the services we provide our community. Each of our four directorates comprises of a number of departments.

Community Services Directorate

Lucas Gosling, Director Community Services, leads a team of departments responsible for the planning and provision of services that support our community, and delivering programs that enhance the health and wellbeing of our residents at all stages of life.

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Our Community Services directorate focuses on providing quality services in the areas of positive ageing, maternal and child health including immunisation programs, community learning programs, library services, raising diversity and inclusion awareness and implementing community policy.

The Community Services directorate supports the City's growing arts and culture community and ensures that families and young people have access to quality services.

The departments that make up our Community Services directorate include:

  • Libraries, Arts and Culture
  • Community Services and Social Infrastructure Planning
  • Community Development, Positive Ageing and Inclusion.


Corporate Services Directorate

Lisa King, Director Corporate Services, leads the departments that provide the various services which support the operations of the organisation that promote transparency, accountability and good governance.

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Our Corporate Services directorate provides services that ensure a well-managed, financially sustainable and accountable organisation.  The directorate is responsible for engaging our community on key strategies and policies and supports Council in its decision making role, and in meeting its various statutory obligations.

The departments that make up our Corporate Services directorate include:

  • People and Capability
  • Customer Engagement
  • Governance and Commercial Services
  • Finance
  • Information Technology Services..


Infrastructure Services Directorate

Patrick Jess, Director Infrastructure Services, leads the departments which plans, develops and maintains our City's physical infrastructure needs.

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Infrastructure Services manages and maintains the City’s built and natural environments in the public domain including maintenance of our many parks and gardens.  The directorate manages essential services for our City such as waste management, road maintenance and traffic management.

The departments that make up our Infrastructure Services directorate include:

  • Assets and Capital
  • Engineering and Transport
  • Operations and Maintenance
  • Recreation and Open Space.


Planning and Environment Services Directorate

Mike McIntosh commences with Maribyrnong City Council in August as Director Planning and Environment Services, and will lead the departments responsible for urban planning, environment and regulatory services.

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Our Planning and Environment Services directorate delivers our Festival City program and develops visitation opportunities for our City.  The directorate also has responsibility for urban planning to ensure appropriate building and planning outcomes that contribute to the livability of our City.  Many of Council's regulatory services are led by the Planning and Environment Services directorate.

The departments that make up our Planning and Environment Services directorate include:

  • Regulatory Services
  • City Places
  • City Futures.