Maribyrnong River Shared Trails

The linked open space system along the Maribyrnong River is the most popular open space in the City. 

A major initiative of Council is the development of the Temple to Temple trail, a shared trail linking the Heavenly Queen Temple in Footscray to the Quang Minh Temple in Braybrook following the edge of the Maribyrnong River.


Current Status

The link between the pipe bridge and the Waterford Green Estate is the final link in the Maribyrnong to Braybrook Section. Council has purchased a strip of land along the Maribyrnong River from the Medway Golf Course and is working with Melbourne Water towards the construction of a link between the pipe bridge and Waterford Green Estate. 

Next Steps

The Federal Government has made recent announcements about the future sale of the Maribyrnong Defence Site late 2019. 

The Victorian Planning Authority is preparing a vision for the site and is supportive of future trail link along the Maribyrnong River through Maribyrnong Defence Site.  When complete, this 3km of shared trail will the final link in Temple to Temple trail.


Maribyrnong River Trail, Footscray 3011  View Map

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