Heritage Projects Underway

Council is currently working on several heritage projects to identify and protect heritage in the municipality.

Heritage Precinct Update

There are a number of existing heritage precincts in the municipality which include contributory buildings that add to the heritage significance of the area. This project involves investigating existing contributory buildings in the inter-war architectural style to confirm their significance.    

West Footscray and Surrounds Inter-war and Post-war Precincts

The West Footscray Inter-war and Post-war Heritage Precinct Study was completed in 2021. It recommends protection of eight inter-war and post-war residential precincts located in West Footscray and surrounding suburbs. 

Council is proposing to introduce permanent heritage protection of the precincts identified in the study through Amendment C172 to the Maribyrnong Planning Scheme. Interim protection controls are currently in place while the permanent controls are considered. Refer to the links below for more information.

Maribyrnong Aboriginal Heritage Study Post-Contact Heritage Assessments

The Maribyrnong Aboriginal Heritage Study identified a number of post-contact aboriginal heritage sites that were recommended for heritage protection. These sites are being further investigated.


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