Maribyrnong River Shared Trails

The linked open space system along the Maribyrnong River is the most popular open space in the City. 

A major initiative of Council is the development of the Temple to Temple trail, a shared trail linking the Heavenly Queen Temple in Footscray to the Quang Minh Temple in Braybrook following the edge of the Maribyrnong River.

 Recent works have completed the link between the pipe bridge near Medway Golf Course to the border with the City of Brimbank and Quang Minh Temple.

Current Status

The link between the pipe bridge and the Waterford Green Estate is the final link in the Maribyrnong to Braybrook Section. This section will traverse the Medway Golf Course. 

Negotiations with the Club are on going to secure an agreement over public access to the river edge. 

Next Steps

The Federal Government has made recent announcements about the future sale of the Maribyrnong Defence Site. The Department of Defence has indicated they are open to discussions on how the river edge on this site can be accessed.  It is hoped that access will be given to the Defence Site ahead of future development so the trail can be extended and connect to the existing trail on Chifley Drive in Maribyrnong.  This initiative is on-going.


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