Maribyrnong Housing Strategy

Image of houses in West Footscray

The Maribyrnong Housing Strategy (2018) was endorsed by Council on 26 June 2018 for the purpose of public consultation and to inform the basis of a Planning Scheme Amendment (Amendment C154).

It provides a vision statement for managing future housing growth and change to 2031, and contains objectives and strategies under three key themes:

  • Settlement
  • Supply
  • Design

The Strategy is supported by a Housing Framework Plan that identifies the rates of change anticipated across the City and classified these as Substantial, Incremental or Limited Change Areas.

Council reviewed the Housing Strategy (2011) to bring it up to date, reflect changes in the community and address new State Planning Policy.  The Maribyrnong Housing Strategy (2018) replaces the previous Housing Strategy prepared in 2011 which is currently included in the Maribyrnong Planning Scheme. 

Council proposes to change the planning scheme and has applied to the Victorian Government to commence Amendment C154.  The Amendment proposes to change the planning scheme by:

  • updating the Municipal Strategic Statement and Local Planning Policy Framework to reflect the strategic directions and policy in the Maribyrnong Housing Strategy (2018)
  • including the Maribyrnong Housing Strategy (2018) as a Background Document
  • removing the 2011 Housing Strategy

On 31 July 2018 the Victorian Government made changes to the structure of planning schemes across Victoria and this has impacted the proposed changes being sought by Amendment C154 and the Maribyrnong Housing Strategy (2018). The Amendment is currently on hold as Council works with the Victorian Government to ensure the documents are consistent with the new requirements.

Once Council receives authorisation from the Victorian Government, the Maribyrnong Housing Strategy (2018) and Amendment C154 will be placed on public exhibition and a community consultation process will begin.

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