Drainage Condition Assessment

Council undertakes drainage condition assessments to inspect and verify all existing storm-water pipes and pits across the City of Maribyrnong, to ensure they are functioning properly.

They are necessary to ensure the City’s drainage network remains in good working order.

If either the pit or the pipes become blocked it can cause localised flooding on your property or wider issues that might impact your neighbours or, in some cases, potentially the integrity of the entire system.

This assessments are something Council does every four to five years, with the next due to occur in the 2022/2023 financial year. 

We have contracted Veolia, who are water and waste management experts, to assess the condition of the drainage pit, grate or lid, and pipes inside. Veolia will write to impacted residents directly, closer to the time, with further details about the inspection.

What does the assessment involve?

Storm-water pits have either a grate on top or concrete lid that run through the easement of local properties.

The assessment should simply involve lifting the cover and inserting a small mobile camera to look into the pit and along the pipes, and taking a few photographs to record the condition and any obstructions, before replacing the cover again. Data collected will inform future works that may be required to maintain the network

The inspection is generally non-invasive so there is no need to dig up any areas of lawn or garden, unless these have been inadvertently planted over the easement preventing access to the storm-water pit.

For more information, contact Council's Asset Engineer.