Sustainable building design

We’re making it easier for you to incorporate sustainable design and more environmentally-friendly practices in your build or renovation. Below you’ll find a range of resources to help you plan your works.

Why incorporate environmentally sustainable design?

Green buildings deliver lower future operating costs through reduced water and energy consumption – giving you an advantage when it comes time to sell. Green buildings also benefit the wider community, through conserving our natural resources, improving the health of our waterways and reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Assessing your sustainability

To help you assess the sustainability of your design and build, use the Built Environment Sustainability Scorecard (BESS).

A BESS report can replace an SDA or be attached to a Sustainable Management Plan as part of a planning permit application.

Multi-dwelling developments

We have minimum environmental performance targets for multi-dwelling developments.

If you’re building a town house or apartment, a multi-unit development, or a residential component of a mixed use building, please use the Sustainable tools for environmental performance.

Landscaping choices

Our Landscape guidelines will help you contribute to a suburban landscapes that are diverse, sustainable and enhance the ongoing liveability and character of our city.