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Money makes the world go around, and these Accountants and Bookkeepers will help you pull your finances into shape.

Applications open 25 September 2023.

AVL Advisory and Bookkeeping

Elevate your business with our comprehensive bookkeeping, accounting and budget services.

As dedicated small business experts, AVL Advisory and Bookkeeping is here to take the stress of financial management off your shoulders. We will help set up the essential systems and processes, empowering you to take control of your finances and unlock your business’ full potential. ‍

What’s included:

  • Initial consultation: We’ll start by conducting a thorough review of your bookkeeping and record-keeping processes, finding ways to make things better and more suited to what makes your business unique. ‍
  • BAS preparation and lodgement (x2): Stay compliant with two rounds of Business Activity Statement (BAS) preparation and lodgement. We’ll ensure everything is accurate, so you meet your obligations with confidence. ‍
  • 10 hours of bookkeeping: We’ll provide 10 dedicated hours of professional bookkeeping services, creating accounting reports that accurately reflect what’s going on in your business. ‍
  • Digitising your accounting processes: If you’ve never used a cloud-based accounting app before, we’ll dedicate two hours (out of the above 10) to digitise your bookkeeping. This will help streamline your accounting processes, so you can work efficiently and seamlessly now and in the future. ‍
  • Business budgeting: Allocate resources effectively and drive growth with a comprehensive business budget tailored for the next financial year. ‍ Unlock your business’s full potential with our comprehensive bookkeeping and budget support.

Visit the AVL Advisory and Bookkeeping website for more information


AveSol Accounting Services

We are small business specialists offering a wide range of accounting and taxation services. Whether you need assistance with taxation, bookkeeping, tax planning, business structures, financial coaching, or lending, we are here to assist with the best solutions and provide guidance to support growth in your business.

We can help you understand your finances and cashflow, by offering the below:

1) Preparation of Company/Trust/Sole Trader financial statements and lodgement of your Annual Tax Return

  • Prepare your accounts for year-end processing based on your record keeping, making all the checks for accuracy and reconciling major accounts such as GST, payables, receivables, assets, and Bank accounts to ensure the liability is reflected correctly in the financial statement. (Please note this doesn’t include any bookkeeping as there will be extra charges for this).
  • Review of your bad debts and immediate asset write off along with any other tax deductions the company is entitled to. ‍
  • Advise on the tax treatment of any State/Federal Government grant received and any overdue debt outstanding with ATO. We can also assist to undertake any debt negotiation with ATO arising from GST or income tax liability. (Please note this does not include any remission appeal that you may need to put in place).
  • Review of your STP 2 compliance and assistance with finalisation of your employees for 22/23 year.
  • Review and advice on any tax losses the company have and how best to utilise for tax advantage. ‍
  • Review strategies about profit maximisation or tax minimisation. 

2) Set up of bookkeeping system: ‍

  • Set up of Xero/MYOB file. ‍
  • Training on your chosen bookkeeping software. ‍
  • 30 days support with your queries. ‍
  • Five hours of bookkeeping.

3) Start-up business coaching ‍

  • Assess your business structure to make sure that the structure provides you with best tax advantage. Provide you advice on how to change business structure without incurring any Capital Gains Tax effect (CGT). ‍
  • Thorough checking of all your government registrations and legality to ensure you are properly registered for everything you need to be. This includes but not limited to checking registrations such as GST, PAYG ABN. ‍
  • Leave your registration for ABN, TFN or GST, to us – we take care of this for you ‍
  • Discuss your needs and obligations in terms of business insurance and work cover. ‍
  • We will talk about your business plans, discuss your strategies moving forward such as marketing plan, setting up of your business goals and budgets. ‍
  • We will provide some tax effective advice to ensure you minimise your tax liability.
  • We will advise on payroll and directors/owners’ remuneration. That is how to pay yourself first. ‍
  • We will briefly look at some of your pricing tactics and cost of sales analysis to ensure your prices to customers are charged correctly. ‍

Option to swap the business coaching for five hours of bookkeeping for three months if you are time poor or need catching up.

Visit the AveSol Accounting Services website for more information

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Wong and Kong Accountants Taxation Corporate Advisory

Are you a local business in Maribyrnong looking to propel your growth and ensure financial success? Look no further! Our team at Wong and Kong Accountants Taxation Corporate Advisory is excited to offer our comprehensive business tax advisory services, specially tailored to meet the unique needs of Maribyrnong's vibrant business community. ‍

Option 1
- Comprehensive tax return preparation for companies, partnerships, trusts, and sole traders ‍experience hassle-free tax compliance with our expert services. Our dedicated team will handle every aspect of your tax return, ensuring accuracy, optimisation, and peace of mind.

Here's what you can expect: ‍

  • Tailored tax return preparation: We'll meticulously prepare and file your company, partnership, trust, or sole trader tax return based on your financials. ‍
  • Thorough Financial Review: Our meticulous review process involves checking and reconciling your major accounts. By ensuring the accuracy of your financial records, we pave the way for seamless tax preparation. ‍
  • Strategic Tax Advice: Uncover opportunities for tax optimisation with our strategic advice. We'll guide you on structuring your business operations to maximise tax efficiency, ultimately contributing to your bottom line. ‍
  • Proactive Planning: Gain insights into running your business in a tax-effective manner. Our experienced team will provide personalised tax advice, empowering you to make informed decisions that align with your financial goals. ‍
  • Effective ATO Representation: In challenging times, we stand by your side. We will represent you and negotiate with the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) to establish a favourable payment plan. This strategic approach assists in easing your cash flow concerns. ‍

Option 2 – Streamlined Bookkeeping and BAS Services for Seamless Financial Management ‍ Efficient financial management is at your fingertips with our comprehensive bookkeeping and BAS services. Get ready to experience a new level of control and organisation for your business finances.

Here's how we can empower you: ‍

  • Holistic Bookkeeping Solution: Entrust us with your business transactions, and watch as we meticulously review, record, and organise them. ‍
  • Quarterly BAS Expertise: We'll handle the entire process of preparing and submitting your Business Activity Statements (BAS) for four consecutive months. Say goodbye to the stress of compliance deadlines, as we ensure timely and accurate submissions on your behalf. ‍
  • Seamless Cloud Accounting Integration: To unlock the full potential of our services, all you need to do is subscribe to a cloud-based accounting software. This modern approach not only enhances collaboration but also allows you to access your financial information securely from anywhere, at any time. ‍

Option 3 – Complete Payroll, Bookkeeping, and BAS Filing Solutions for Business Excellence ‍ Elevate your business operations with our all-inclusive package that combines seamless payroll management, comprehensive bookkeeping, and meticulous BAS filing.

Here's how we can support your success: ‍

  • Effortless Payroll Services: Say goodbye to payroll complexities. Our dedicated team will manage payroll for up to two employees, ensuring accurate and timely salary processing. This leaves you with more time to invest in your business's growth. ‍
  • Comprehensive Bookkeeping Excellence: From transaction recording to financial statement preparation, we've got your back. Our experts will handle your bookkeeping needs with precision, providing you with clear insights into your financial performance. ‍
  • BAS Preparation and Filing Mastery: Compliance is key, and we excel in it. Let us take care of your Business Activity Statement (BAS) preparation and filing for three months. ‍ Experience the ease of a fully integrated solution that maximises your operational efficiency. ‍

Option 4 – Strategic Business Tax Advisory, Planning, and Consultation ‍ Unlock the power of informed decision-making with our strategic business tax advisory services. Our tailored approach empowers you to navigate the intricate world of taxation, ensuring financial success and growth.

Here's how we can make a difference: ‍

  • Expert Tax Advice: Benefit from our in-depth knowledge and experience as Certified Practising Accountants. We'll provide you with personalised tax advice, helping you optimise your tax strategy and minimise liabilities. ‍
  • Strategic Tax Planning: We understand that every business is unique. Our strategic planning sessions will focus on your specific goals and challenges, creating a roadmap for tax-efficient operations and sustained growth. ‍
  • In-depth Consultation: Our one-on-one consultations provide a platform for open dialogue and exploration of your business's financial landscape. We'll address your concerns and provide insights to empower your decisions. ‍ - Sustained Support: With one hour of consultation per month over a span of six months, you'll receive continuous support and guidance. ‍ Navigate the complexities of taxation with clarity and confidence. Join hands us for exceptional business tax advisory, planning, and consultation. ‍

Option 5 - Seamless Company Incorporation and Expert Start-Up Business Guidance ‍ Embark on your entrepreneurial journey with confidence, guided by our seamless company incorporation services and expert start-up business advice.

Here's how we can support you: ‍

  • Effortless Incorporation Process: Our dedicated team will facilitate a smooth and hassle-free company incorporation process, allowing you to establish your business entity efficiently. ‍
  • Comprehensive Government Registrations: From ABN to TFN and GST, we've got you covered. We'll meticulously handle all necessary government registrations, ensuring that your business is properly and legally established. ‍
  • Thorough Compliance Review: Our experts will conduct a comprehensive review to ensure that you're registered for all necessary obligations, including GST, PAYG, and ABN. ‍
  • Holistic Business Insurance Guidance: We'll discuss your business insurance needs and obligations, including guidance on work cover. ‍
  • Tax-Effective Strategies: Minimise your tax liability with our expert advice. We'll provide tailored tax-effective strategies, helping you keep more of your hard-earned profits while staying within the bounds of tax regulations. ‍
  • Payroll and Remuneration Expertise: Discover the art of paying yourself first. Our guidance on payroll and directors/owners’ remuneration ensures that you're compensated appropriately while optimising your financial structure. ‍ Embark on your journey to success with us by your side. Let us guide you through a seamless incorporation process and provide the expert advice you need to thrive. ‍ Make confident strides in your business journey with. From incorporation to thriving operations, we're here for your success.

Visit the Wong and Kong Accountants Taxation Corporate Advisory website for more information

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