Business Coaching

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No matter how much experience you already have in business, the advice and support you receive from a tailored business coaching package will help give you a new perspective.


Bruce Frame Business Coach - Business Owner Coaching

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The Business Success Framework is a series of four, fortnightly, structured meetings delivered over six weeks. The purpose of the program is to initiate, kick-off or restart a small to medium sized business whose owner has decided that they are unsatisfied with their current lifestyle.

The four coaching sessions broadly follow the following format; 

 First Meeting – Framing’

We’ll start with your vision: assessing what you want your business and lifestyle to look like. What would your ideal life look like, what will you do and what won’t you do? We’ll look at the gap between where you are now and where you want to be to get an understanding of the obstacles to be overcome.

Second Meeting – Triage’

Next, we go to a detailed financial analysis of costs (COGS and Expense) and your sales and profit strategies with rudimentary analysis to understand what is possible within our working timeframes. Additionally, a detailed time analysis for every staff member and then introduction of a Default Diary system

Third Meeting – ‘Planning’

Now we use your long-term vision to create a one-page quarterly plan that includes targets and actions for each activity, to produce a true who does what by when type plan. This will guide your activities each day and we will track your progress rigorously through the quarter as our measure of success

Final Meeting – ‘Coaching’

This is where the rubber hits the road. We’ll find out what’s working and what needs revision, what you’re getting done, what I’m getting done and what we need to change to stay on the plan

You’ll walk away with a clear understanding and plan for what needs to be done, who will need to be involved and how long it is going to take you to get to where you want to be. You’ll know what it’s going to take and what your efforts and commitment will bring to your lifestyle.

The next step is up to you.

Find out more about Bruce Frame Business Coach here

Enterprising Partnerships - Business Coaching/Mentoring

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We will supply 4 x 2 hour coaching / mentoring sessions (or 8 x 1 hour sessions).

We will do this by drawing upon our team of highly experienced mentors who are currently engaged in delivering the VicChambers Business Recovery Mentoring initiative (ends 30 August 2022) -

The choice of the mentor will be arranged in discussion with yourself. Mentoring allows you to clear your head of day to day issues and focus on those matters which will allow you to:

- Grow the business

- Build resilience

- Strategic foresight of revenue options

- The processes for establishing stronger digital and online capabilities.


Alternatively, we will offer you 6 months free members of one of our Business Allies Roundtables

These Roundtables offer you the opportunity to learn from other business leaders there is no reason to feel alone in leading your business, as we engage in thematic discussions of business strategies and approaches.

We receive very positive testimonials for both of these services.

Find out more about Enterprising Partnerships here

Peach Business Management - Get Financially Fit Group Program

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Get Financially Fit is a group program and online program that focuses on 3 core themes:

- Financial Literacy 

- Money Mindset and Management 

- Business Planning

The program was designed for solo and small business owners who want to understand their finances, manage their money and grow their businesses. They want to up-skill in these areas and then use this knowledge for the rest of their business lives, not have it done for them by a finance person or accountant who doesn't involve them in the process. Many small business owners believe that they are terrible with money, but I disagree. I just don't think they've been taught by the right person, yet.

If you are someone who wants to make great financial decisions and feel confident managing your money and growing your business? I'd love to have you in the Get Financially Fit group program. We're a community, not just an online course. And we welcome people from all backgrounds and communities


How the Program is delivered:

Over 12 modules delivered via an eLearning platform you'll be guided through your own financial education and be able to apply the tools and knowledge to your business straight away. The education can be worked through at your own pace and will be available to you for many years, giving you plenty of time to absorb the information and apply it in real time. 

The live sessions happen every month on Zoom and are a chance to connect with me and the other members of the community. You'll be able to have all of your questions answered and the opportunity to sit in the hot seat and have a live coaching session based on your business and your unique challenges. 

As a special bonus, any businesses that sign up for the program via the Business Elevate program will be invited to 3 x 60 min Zoom sessions (on Friday mornings in Feb, March and April 2023) just for you. An intimate group setting to network with other Maribyrnong business owners and have all of your finance and business questions answered live. 

Once you're in the Get Financially Fit community you are there forever, and can participate in future live rounds as often as you like. 

There's more information about my group program available at if you're interested 

Find out more about Peach Business Management here