Business Coaching

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No matter how much experience you already have in business, the advice and support you receive from a tailored business coaching package will help give you a new perspective.

Applications open 25 September 2023.

Bruce Frame Business Coach

Every successful sportsperson has a coach, every successful actor has a coach, every successful professional has a coach, and every successful business owner has a coach.

I know that it’s true because I've coached over 350 business owners over the last 20 years, and I've seen it happen. ‍ And now you, too, can have a coach and become one of those successful entrepreneurs. ‍

Your $2,000 voucher will buy you four planned but tailored Zoom meetings with me, spaced two weeks apart, plus ongoing accountability calls right up to the end of April. And I’ll include you in our on-going Master Class for the 90 days following April. ‍As a Business Elevate participant you will also be invited to join our Full-Day Planning Workshop in Yarraville in November. The usual fee in this program will also be included.

You’ll have everything you need; a clear understanding of your business and your business goals, a detailed plan of what to do to get you where you want to be, a community of like-minded business owners to support you and accountability to ensure you go all the way. ‍2024 is going to be your best year ever!

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Enterprising Partnerships

Business mentoring for recovery, resilience, and growth - benefit from up to five hours of personalised 1:1 mentoring sessions with a seasoned business expert. ‍

About the Program:‍
Experience the liberating power of discussing your business ideas and challenges with a mentor who understands your journey.

Enterprising Partnerships (EP) has successfully guided and supported about 500 businesses in the past two years and is committed to expanding this number. Upon acceptance into the program, our dedicated team at EP will collaborate with you to identify your specific business needs before carefully matching you with a suitable business mentor.  Backed by a diverse team of over 50 skilled specialists from various backgrounds and industries, EP ensures you receive tailored guidance. After each mentoring session, you will receive a comprehensive Action Plan, outlining the key steps to take between sessions. Remember, the value you gain from mentoring is directly proportional to your active involvement, along with the invaluable insights and inspiration provided by your mentor. ‍ 

Visit the Enterprising Partnerships website for more information

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Mindful Finances

The Money Mindset Reprogram is a series of six, one-hour, one-to-one coaching sessions held fortnightly across twelve weeks via Zoom. ‍

This program has been designed to support solopreneurs and small business owners to upgrade their relationship with money and manage their finances, so they can start earning more and creating their abundant life. ‍

This is for you if you find yourself: ‍

  • Working hard in your business and seeing very little to show in your bank account ‍
  • Find yourself stuck at an income level, possibly even paying your staff more than yourself ‍
  • Your business is growing and yet you’re reluctant to invest in staff ‍
  • You’re feeling overwhelmed or experiencing fear around receiving, asking or investing money in yourself or your business ‍

During our time together, the six coaching sessions will broadly follow the below format: ‍

Session 1Beliefs

We all have a money story which is a narrative that shapes your thoughts, beliefs, and behaviour when it comes to money. Here we start to unpack your money environment and what’s driving your challenges around money. ‍

Session 2  Money scripts

Money habits are the repeated actions you’re undertaking that become automatic, like overservicing and undercharging, getting stuck at an income level, feeling like you can’t invest in yourself or your business. In this session we’ll be exploring your money script and start to create new habits to support you to a healthier relationship with money. ‍

Session 3 – Values and Purpose

‍This is all about getting clear on why you’re in business and identifying your values so you can create values aligned spending habits. By directing your money towards what you value, you’ll be uplevelling your ability to do well both personally and professionally. ‍

Session 4 - Cashflow

Building a sustainable business is driven by knowing where your money’s going. ‍ Having clarity is key to being able to make confident money choices. ‍

Session 5 Vision

Here you’ll identify the vision for your business and lifestyle moving forwards. Understanding the gap between your life as you know it now and what you want to achieve will provide clarity and guide the actionable steps required to progress forwards. ‍

Session 6 - Pricing Psychology

In this session you’ll be reviewing your pricing and exploring where you’re sabotaging your ability to earn more and how to overcome this. You will also explore the value of your offering so you can generate more money in your business. ‍

Visit the Mindful Finances website for more information

Mindful Finances

Money Wellness

Money Wellness provides money mindset and personal coaching for business owners and staff.

Money Wellness provides a holistic and balanced approach to managing one's financial well-being. It encompasses not only the traditional aspects of personal finances, such as budgeting and investing, and education and empowerment, but also the psychological and emotional components of money-related decisions.

We provide simple financial education in easy to understand language and non- judgemental space to release past mistakes. ‍Online one on one coaching sessions, 6 x 60 minutes over 10 weeks.

We provide you with:

  • An understanding of how money mindset affects your financial decision-making.
  • Clarity on your current personal financial situation.
  • Financial education - income/taxes, spending/budgeting, saving/investing.
  • Personal money management system.
  • Financial goal setting and alignment long term savings/investments. 
  • Check in and accountability (three months later) on implementation. 

Visit the Money Wellness website for more information

My Money Wellness

Peach Business Management

Get Financially Fit - the program for small business owners who want to make more money and impact ‍
  • Take control of your business. ‍
  • Get a quality financial education and build financial literacy, ‍
  • Get comfortable with money - how to spend it, make it and ask for it,
  • Learn to manage your money and make great business decisions, ‍
  • Set big goals and crush them, because you know exactly how to do it. ‍

Over 100 small business owners have been through this unique and innovative program, many of them from the City of Maribyrnong. ‍There is a huge gap in the market for good quality financial education for small business owners. You shouldn't have to rely on your accountant or bookkeeper to make all of your financial decisions. You deserve to understand your numbers, to get comfortable with money, and to learn how to make money. I want to get you in the driver's seat of your business, making bold and clever financial decisions that take your business further and make you more profit. ‍

The program includes 10 modules that can be applied to your business straight away. You will have the tools and skills you need to manage your money and never get into cash flow struggles again. You will have a new way of thinking and feeling about money that feels empowering and exciting. You'll have your pricing sorted and be making big, bold money moves. ‍

You'll create your own three year Financial Roadmap and Business Plan. And it won't be anywhere near as hard as you think it will be, because you'll be following my unique system that over 100 businesses have done before you. And you'll be doing it with my support and guidance. ‍


  • 10 on demand modules available straight away. These include videos, audio, workbooks, templates and more.‍
  • 2 x 90 min sessions with Fiona Johnston ‍
  • Forever access to the Get Financially Fit Facebook group ‍
  • Your own three year Financial Roadmap and Business Plan ‍

Do you want to make more money and make great business decisions? Come and Get Financially Fit.

Visit the Peach Business Management website for more information

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