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Bron Williams The Bias Specialist - 3 Hour Leadership Workshop

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There are 4 options available for the 3-hour workshops, of which business owners can choose two to be covered in a workshop. 

Each option has addressing unconscious bias as its foundation because bias is an unseen hindrance to business growth, decision making and relationships. 


1. Bias and Workplace Culture.

Businesses aim to create a culture based on shared values. But bias can be a wedge that divides.

Objective: To explore ways bias can come between an organisation’s values and the culture created in the workplace. 


Identify personal bias inputs and influences. 

Explore the intersection of workplace and personal values.

Determine the impact of vocational expectations.


2. Bias and Conflict

Workplace conflict is commonplace. Unaddressed bias can fuel conflict as, like a magnet, bias both attracts similar thinking and repels opposite outlooks. 

Objective: To demonstrate how bias impacts and fuels conflict.


Identify common causes of conflict in the workplace.

Detail strategies to check for biases that fuel conflict.

Outline methods for managing bias-fuelled conflict.


3. Bias and Change

Change is commonly resisted. However, checking for hidden biases can provide workable alternatives that enable people to embrace change. 

Objective: To provide options for common biased resistance to change.


Identify five ways bias inhibits growth. 

Demonstrate how flipping the bias coin facilitates change.  

Develop five strategies for embracing change.


4. Bias and Communication

Bias can be a barrier to open communication. Addressing hidden bias allows for deeper listening to embrace a range of viewpoints. 

Objective: To show how addressing bias is the key to deeper communication. 


Embrace ways of hearing differently

Value the variety of meanings in workplace communications.

Shape a new story by addressing unconscious biases.

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Dawtek - Digital Tender Box

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Dawtek understands that everyone is on a different tender journey and is at various stages of the tender process. Our offering will capture individual company's information through a questionnaire to provide a detailed understanding of the company's challenges and how we can tailor the mentoring sessions to maximise business outcomes.

Dawtek will provide five, 2-hour mentoring sessions, each tailored to the individual business. An example of our offering is as follows. 

Session 1: Overview of the tender process and integration with your business Tendering has become standard business practice including: Where to search for tenders, the tender process, understanding tender evaluation and implementing a bid or no-bid process

Session 2: Overview of the tender process and integration with your business. This session focuses on developing a tender template for the business. The template will represent the company's brand. Working with the business, I will design the template in MS Word to enable businesses to use this template to respond to tenders and also deliver proposals to organisations.

Session 3: Discussing your requirements for policies and procedures across their business.  It is essential that every business has access to information that protects and safeguards their business, their operations and their staff. By working together, this session will identify which policies and procedures the business needs to operate safety and in line with best practice and government legislation.

Session 4: This session is about reviewing the updated documents and how the business will implement these into operation.

Session 5: This last session will focus on developing content and structures for common tender questions to enable the business to have a completed template they can use for the tenders. 

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Endurance Financial - Endure. Empower. Elevate.

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If your business isn’t a huge success yet – this doesn’t mean you don’t have potential. Your goal may still be achievable – you may just require a new financial plan to get there.

Endure. Empower. Elevate uses your goals and values to create a roadmap for your business.

I will help you take your personal and professional ambitions to the next level - by turning them into a successful business, allowing you to pay yourself the salary you deserve. Learn how to appreciate what you have to offer - and build the path to your own success. I approach strategy building from a unique perspective – as I believe your personal goals and business goals are not separate entities. They are connected and they need to complement each other to achieve real positive results. 

Growth – both personally and in the business sense – requires deliberate and focused effort. It’s not something that can be done overnight – and what it ‘looks like’ transforms and changes as we move through life.

All of a sudden, those balance sheets and statements will become clearer to you. You will not only understand what you’re looking at, but you will have the confidence to make informed decisions about your businesses.

Your personalised strategy will clearly outline what you are building towards and where to allocate money, in order to get there. It will include all my market analysis findings, financial projections and important milestones.

You will have a clear path forward to reach your goal – whatever that may be. You will be empowered with the knowledge you need to plan for your future.


What's Included?

* 5 x 45 minute mentoring sessions

* Access to Financial Bootcamp

* Business Plan and Roadmap creation.

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