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Applications open 25 September 2023.

Bivio Consulting

Sustainability Boost Package ‍

Professional services designed to boost your organisation's overall knowledge and ability to apply sustainability and circular economy strategies to reduce operational costs, enhance relationships with suppliers and employee engagement and to identify opportunities for business growth through attraction and retention of customers. ‍

What you will receive: ‍

  • Initial assessment interview: 45 minute interview for current state understanding. (knowledge, how it is applied and opportunities for implementation/improvement). We will request to collect/access data like current spending across sourcing categories relevant to the business, suppliers, and main inputs about your current operating model. We will seek for ideas from you and/or your employees on what could be done better within the context of sustainability and circularity. ‍
  • Develop a clear, simple, and practical report highlighting recommendations on where and how to integrate sustainable and circular strategies across your business (sourcing, operations design, waste management) to reduce costs. And a list of potential ideas to grow your business through sustainability and circularity. Only one report feedback/iteration has been included in this package. ‍
  • Presentation and Q&A: We will coordinate the delivery of 1-hour presentation to you and anyone from your business (ie. employees) to walk through our assessment and recommendations. We will openly discuss the viability of the ideas and rank them (with you) based on their benefit to the business and ease of implementation. The outputs of the collaborative session will be updated to the final report and submitted back to you. 

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Bron Williams

Your voucher will give you access to 3 x 2-hour Change, Conflict and Communication workshops.
  1. Navigating Change
    Change is commonly resisted. However, checking for hidden biases can provide workable alternatives that enable people to embrace change. ‍

    Objective: To provide options for resistance to change.‍


    • Identify five growth inhibiters. ‍
    • Develop five strategies for embracing change. ‍
  2. Managing Conflict
    Workplace conflict is commonplace. ‍

    Objective: To demonstrate how hidden drivers can fuel conflict. ‍

    Outcomes: ‍

    • Identify common causes of conflict in the workplace. ‍
    • Detail strategies to check for drivers that fuel conflict. ‍
    • Outline methods for managing conflict. ‍
  3. Enhancing Communication
    There are many barriers to open communication. Addressing hidden drivers allows for deeper listening to embrace a range of viewpoints. ‍

    Objective: To show how addressing these drivers is key to deeper communication. ‍

    Outcomes: ‍

    • Embrace ways of hearing differently ‍
    • Value the variety of meanings in workplace communications. ‍
    • Shape a new story by addressing unconscious biases.

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QTC Training and Education

QTC offers customised business and project delivery training in the form of contextualised programs, facilitated online learning solutions, printed manuals, face to face or virtual workshops and hosted online learning.

Services delivered under the Business Elevate Program may include: ‍

  • Tailored induction training (printed manual or online training module).
  • Tailored compliance, privacy, racial sensitivity training, (online or workshop based) ‍Short courses and nationally accredited. certifications in key elements of Business and Project Management.
  • Selected, tailored project / delivery templates, processes, and procedures. ‍
  • One student enrolment in Certificate IV in Business or Project Management ‍ QTC will collaborate with your organisation, taking the time to understand your business to create a training program that is perfectly tailored to your specific needs.

At QTC, our focus is on delivering high-quality training that increases employee engagement and retention, improves skills and knowledge, boosts productivity, and ultimately contributes to your bottom line. ‍QTC takes pride in our team of experienced trainers who possess in-depth knowledge of various industries and understand the nuances of delivering engaging and results-oriented training sessions.

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