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In today’s environment your digital presence is key!  Digital marketing and standing out in the online crowd through effective search-engine-optimisation (SEO) is important to connect with your ideal customer.


Bright Smart - Tackle the Big 3 For Online Success

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If you're looking to attract the right clients and get more sales, there are the ‘Big 3’ areas of digital marketing that you need to consider:

- Whether people can find your products and services on Google;

- How to attract and connect with your ideal customer through email marketing; and

- How to build social proof and a community of raving fans through social media. 


To help time-poor Maribyrnong small business owners, I am offering three custom packages so that they can get a quick start on tackling ONE of the Big 3:


1. SEO Like a Pro

In my Complete SEO Site Audit, I get laser-focused on how your current website operates in the eyes of Google and your ideal customer so you have the best chance of getting seen online.

We will start with a 30-minute kick-off meeting so that I can understand your current concerns.

I then analyse your desktop and mobile site (maximum 10 pages) and provide a detailed, easy to understand and actionable report covering: On-Page SEO, Off-Page SEO and Technical SEO. Specifically:

- Design and site architecture;

- Usability;

- Site speed;

- On-page SEO – metadata, heading structure, ALT tags, broken links; 

- Your current focus keywords and related keywords; 

- Competitor analysis for potential keywords; and

- A checklist of priorities and recommendations for improving your website. 

The report will be completed within 2 weeks. I will sit down with you for 60 minutes to present the report, answer any questions and agree on the scope of work for implementation. 

To help you to take action, this package includes a further 2 hours of implementation time based on the recommendations in the report. 


2. Email Marketing Jumpstart 

Did you know that email marketing has a 122% ROI compared to social media? 

This package will ensure that you stop neglecting your email marketing and optimise the time, effort and money you spend on attracting, nurturing and retaining loyal and engaged customers via email. 

We will start with a 30-minute kick-off meeting so that I can understand your brand story, purpose, values, customer journey, email marketing experience and current concerns.  

There are two parts to this package. 

If you are starting your email marketing from scratch then the first part of the package is an Email System Setup. For this service I will:

- Set up your paid account with my recommended email service provider (Mailerlite);

- Set up one audience;

- Configure and customise up to 2 sign up forms; 

- Install sign up forms onto your website;

- Choose a campaign template that suits your business and your content; 

- Customise the template so it's ready for your first campaign; and 

- Help you to develop the concept for a ‘signature lead magnet’.


For business owners who already have a paid subscription to an email service provider, the first part of the package is an Email System Audit. For this service I will: 

- Review the setup of your email service provider account;

- Review your audience and suggest segmentation if necessary; 

- Review up to 2 sign up forms and entry points;

- Provide recommendations on how to improve up to 2 existing email templates; 

- Help you to develop the concept for a ‘signature lead magnet’.


The second part of the package is an Email Automation Setup. For this service I will:

- Draft an automated welcome email/nurture sequence of 3 emails for new subscribers; 

- Configure and customise a sign up form to promote the signature lead magnet;

- Draft an email automation sequence to distribute the signature lead magnet to subscribers; and

- Build out the automations in your email service provider.


At the end of the project, I will sit down with you for 60 minutes to show you the basics of how to manage your own email marketing going forward, including how to create entry points and campaigns, create your audiences and how to understand your campaign reports. 

The project will be completed within 2 weeks. It’s important that you’re able to be responsive with any questions and feedback, as this work is highly collaborative in order to meet the deadline. 


3. Existing Facebook and Instagram Optimisation

This package is only suitable for business owners who already have an active Facebook and Instagram account. 

We will start with a 30-minute kick-off meeting so that I can understand your brand story, purpose, values, customer journey and current concerns.  


There are two parts to this package. The first part is an Audit and Optimisation Setup. For this service I will:

- Optimise Facebook and Instagram pages in the About and Bio sections;

- Review post performance and provide feedback;

- Create 1 month content calendar;

- Outline posting strategy schedule i.e. best time/day to post

- Recommend strategic accounts to follow; and

- Hashtag research and providing 3 x custom hashtag sets with 30 hashtags each


To help you take action and to kickstart your social media strategy, the second part of the package is 30 days’ Facebook and Instagram account management including: 

- Curating, creating and publishing content according to the content calendar;

- Account monitoring; 

- Community engagement - responding to comments and liking, sharing and commenting on “others” posts strategically.

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Marmoset Digital Media - SEO & Digital Assets Power Audit



Our SEO and Digital Assets Audit will provide a thorough report on your Website's Health and Visibility, as well as protecting your brand and digital assets.

At the completion of the Audit you will have a clear step by step pathway to making your website and business more visible across search engines, as well as a ensuring that you know who controls your important digital assets, such as your domain name, DNS service, content and web hosting. It is critical that you understand who controls each asset so that you ensure you have direct control and ownership of these important business items.

The SEO Audit component covers:

- Current technical and content SEO issues

- Core keywords you should be ranking for

- Your current rankings for core keywords

- Deficiencies in analytics and pixel measurement

- Your top 3 Competitors and why their visibility is superior to yours

- A list of error codes and indexing problems

- Content gaps and opportunities

- Correct setup of sitemap.xml and htaccess files


The Digital Assets Audit Component covers:

- Current ownership details of your domain name licence

‍- Who is listed as critical contacts for your domain name

- Who is hosting your DNS and any DNS configuration errors

- Who owns the content in your website

- Confirming that you are listed as administrator of your CMS and web hosting

At the conclusion of the Audit you will be presented with a full PDF report that covers the result of everything listed above as well as step by step instructions on how to remedy all issues and move forward in improving your visibility and rankings. Marmoset Digital will be on hand to action any or all items outlined in the Audit should you so choose.

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Red Herring Digital - Digital Marketing

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Bring your Digital Marketing to the NEXT LEVEL in 2022 

We are a full-service digital marketing agency, specialising in scaling brands online since 2015. 

Whether you have an existing agency or managing your digital in-house, our team of experts take the time to understand your brand and have the experience and know-how to elevate your business. 

How to claim the $2,000 Business Elevate Program Offer with Red Herring Digital: 

  • Paid Search - Google Ads, Youtube Ads, Pinterest Ads
  • Search - SEO, on-page, off-page, local, national, blogs
  • Paid Social - Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, TikTok Ads
  • Social - Facebook, Instagram, Linked In, TikTok‍
  • Website - Design, Copy, Development


Apply today, and we’ll tailor a package that will not only smash your objectives but bring your business to the next level.

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