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In today’s environment your digital presence is key!

Digital marketing and standing out in the online crowd through effective search engine optimisation (SEO) is important to connect with your ideal customer.

Applications open 25 September 2023.

Red Herring Digital

When you select us as your supplier for the Business Elevate Program, we'll give you the freedom to use your voucher towards any of our services.  ‍

As a full-service agency, we provide everything you need to set up, operate and advertise your business successfully online.
Our primary services include online ads, SEO, social media marketing, creative (film, photography, design, copywriting), and websites.  ‍
Feel free to give us a call before submitting your application for a complimentary consultation on 1300 646 118. We'll discuss your business, its objectives and how we can help you reach new heights.

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Stitch Strategy

Option 1: Digital Strategy Review and Roadmap

Stitch will create a Digital Strategy Review and Roadmap to help you get the most out of your online communications. Beginning with a review of your website, social channels, mailing list, google presence and any other communication touchpoints. From here, we'll delve into what is currently happening and then make recommendations on where to optimise them for the best. You will receive a comprehensive report detailing where you are at and how to take things to the next level.

This will include actionable steps of where changes need to be made. Included in your report will be: ‍

  • Review of Social Channels (Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google My Business, and more) including recommendations for optimisation. ‍
  • Hashtag Review for Instagram and LinkedIn. ‍
  • Content Pillar foundations, with a breakdown of what could be included. ‍
  • Website changes and recommendations ‍
  • Suggestions for laying out your newsletter communications ‍
  • A 12-month of content themes for you to work towards ‍

Option 2: Blog for me Stitch ‍

Want to create some new blogs on your website to help drive people to your website? At Stitch, we believe that your website is at the centre of your digital universe. To help improve your SEO presence and website content, this offer will create three new blogs that you can add to your website to improve your content. ‍

  • Briefing meeting (one hour) to get to know your business
  • 10 Blog topic suggestions for you to choose from (You'll select three topics from this list) ‍
  • 3 x 800-word blogs written for your website on the topics that you select ‍
  • Two rounds of revisions ‍
  • Final Document provided in Google doc ready for you to load on your website

Option 3: Stitch my SEO and Policy Templates ‍

If you're not sure if your website is cutting the mustard in regards to SEO, then let Stitch audit your site. We'll come back to you with recommendations and a detailed report on what needs to be updated and changed to make your website work better in your digital space. You can work through the various elements to improve your SEO over time. We'll also provide you with copy for your Privacy Policy and an Accessibility Statement to add to your website.

What you can expect in your report: ‍

  • Website health and recommendations
  • Current keyword rankings ‍
  • Exploration of which keywords will get you the most traction ‍
  • On-page SEO check with SERP Feature ideas, strategy ideas and Backlink ideas ‍
  • Content ideas to improve your visibility ‍
  • Meta titles and descriptions for five of your pages ‍
  • Your website SEO audit will be delivered in a PDF and will give you a roadmap for what you need to work on to improve your SEO. Stitch may be able to assist you with improving these factors as an additional fee. ‍
  • Copy for your Website Privacy Policy and Accessibility Statement. Each policy will be included customised sections for your brand and will be provided in a shareable Google doc.

Visit the Stitch Strategy website for more information

Stitch Strategy

Bright Smart Media Services

To help time-poor Maribyrnong small business owners, we are offering three custom packages that will help you with your SEO, email marketing or social media and - and we’ll get it done in a day! ‍

We’ll start with a 60-minute strategy session so we can understand your business goals, brand story, purpose, values, customer journey, and your current concerns. ‍We’ll finalise a custom scope of work with you - then carry out the actions, outputs and implementation in a day. ‍We’ll finish by sitting down with you for an extra 60 minutes to show off the end result and to answer any questions. ‍

SEO Like a Pro

Choose one of these SEO packages and we will get laser-focused on how your current website operates in the eyes of Google and your ideal customer. ‍

Option 1a: Complete SEO Site Audit

We analyse your desktop and mobile site (maximum 10 pages) and provide a detailed, easy to understand and actionable report covering on-page SEO, off-page SEO and technical SEO. This will include design and site architecture, ‍usability, ‍site speed, ‍on-page SEO, metadata, heading structure, ALT tags, broken links, your current focus keywords and related keywords, competitor analysis for potential keywords and a checklist of priorities and recommendations for improving your website. ‍

Option 1b: SEO copywriting

We will complete an on-page SEO audit, including keyword research and competitor analysis, rewrite and renovate your website (maximum five pages) with SEO optimised copy and metadata, add clear calls to action and consider best practice UX for sales and conversions, include one round of edits, and install the final copy into your website with appropriate headings and subheadings for SEO optimised site structure. ‍

Email Marketing Jumpstart

Choose one of these email marketing packages and we optimise the time, effort and money you spend on attracting, nurturing and retaining loyal and engaged customers via email. ‍

Option 2a: Email System Setup ‍

If you are starting your email marketing from scratch we will: ‍

  • Set up your paid account with my recommended email service provider (Mailerlite for services, Klaviyo for e-commerce, Convertkit for content creator/publisher).
  • Set up one audience.
  • Draft, design and integrate a pop up sign up form.
  • Draft, design and integrate a static sign up form onto your website.
  • Choose a simple campaign template that suits your business and design email template for monthly newsletters.
  • Draft, design and integrate a 3-email welcome nurture sequence.
  • If relevant, draft, design and integrate a browse abandonment email.
  • If relevant, draft, design and integrate a 3-email abandon cart flow.
  • Build out the automations in your email service provider. ‍

Option 2b: Email System Audit ‍

If you already have a paid subscription to an email service provider, we will: ‍

  • Review the setup of your email service provider account.
  • If relevant, migrate your service to a more optimal email service provider. ‍
  • Review your audience and suggest segmentation if necessary.
  • Review up to two sign up forms and entry points.
  • Provide recommendations on how to improve up to two existing email templates. ‍
  • Draft, design and integrate a 3-email welcome nurture sequence.
  • If relevant, draft, design and integrate a browse abandonment email. ‍
  • If relevant, draft, design and integrate a 3-email abandon cart flow.
  • Build out the automations in your email service provider. ‍

Facebook and Instagram Optimisation

Choose one of the social media packages if you already have an active Facebook and Instagram account. ‍

Option 3a: Social Media Strategy ‍

For this package we will: ‍

  • Optimise Facebook and Instagram pages in the About and Bio sections.
  • Review post performance and provide feedback. ‍
  • Create one month content calendar, including drafting sample captions and suggesting visual content.
  • Outline posting strategy schedule i.e. best time/day to post.
  • Recommend strategic accounts to follow.
  • Conduct hashtag research and providing 3 x custom hashtag sets with 30 hashtags each. ‍

Optoin 3b: Social Media Management ‍

This package is only suitable if you already have an image library with images and videos (visual content creation is not included). We will provide 30 days’ Facebook and Instagram account management including: ‍

  • If required, creating a 30 day content calendar to plan and organise posts in advance.
  • Drafting social media captions for 30 static posts (with one round of edits).
  • If relevant, curating relevant content from other sources to share with followers.
  • Scheduling of 30 posts with the social media captions and pre-existing images/videos for optimal times. ‍
  • Account monitoring.
  • Conduct community engagement such as responding to comments and liking, sharing and commenting on “other's” posts strategically.

Visit the Bright Smart Media Services website for more information

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