A good marketing strategy will pull together the various elements of your business and ensure full impact for the money you invest on promoting your business.


Dify Social - Social Media Marketing

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SOCIAL MEDIA AUDIT, PROPOSAL & CONSULT (203.50) - The Dify Social diagnostic audit with a proposal quote and consultation up to one hour is just *$407 inc GST. Includes a copy of our Dify Social® Media Marketing Model (Infographic) for us to talk through with you, online using Whereby business video, to understand the current gaps and presenting opportunities for your business. 


SOCIAL MEDIA SET-UP & REVISION (610.50) - Integrated set-up & revision of your social media across the six key channels.This establishes your social media profiles across LinkedIn (professional profile & Company), Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, 'Google Business' & YouTube with links for your website. This includes technical set-up and revision (up to 3 hours) of your social sites including consistent ’about’ copywriting and basic design of your social profiles and banners. 

SOCIAL MEDIA STRATEGY (407.00) - Two hour in-person planning consultancy session - applying Dify Social’s Social Media Marketing Guide [Infographic] model. Following the setup your Dify Social Media Marketer will work with you collaboratively to determine: the scheduling of your social media posts; your Facebook ads target audience/s; and to confirm marketing, management and Facebook advertising tactics. 

SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT & REPORTING (XS $775.50, 12 weeks) Monday to Friday social media marketing management including (every second day) posts to your Facebook page and other social media networking accounts; LinkedIn company, Instagram, Twitter & Google using your Publer scheduler, plus monitoring, engagement and strategic sharing with and of others if appropriate. Write Facebook advertising copy & administer campaigns. Provide timely Facebook Insights and social media marketing reports (x2)

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Inka Creative - Brand Strategy Consultation

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Brand + Marketing Strategy Sessions

Whether you’re a start-up or an established business, we’ll come into your business and help you overhaul your brand marketing strategy. Working one-on-one with you and/or your team, we’ll help you develop strategies and clear plans to elevate how you communicate with and connect to your audience.

How does it work?

‍* Our brand sessions are half day workshops and we can host these in our Seddon studio, at your location or on Zoom.

* We’ll start off with a 20 minute pre session discussion to allow us to learn more about your business and prepare before we get started.

* We will also get you to fill out our brand questionnaire to provide us with even more juicy knowledge and tidbits to make the session run really smoothly.

‍* On the day we will ensure that we start with goal setting and end with actionable tasks to reach these goals

* We will teach you and get you started (on the spot) with building your brand strategy step by step- we’re talking mission, vision, audience, brand positioning, brand personality and more

* We will run through valuable exercises to get you and or your team involved and excited

* Then, there will be dedicated time to go through the key challenges of your business and the solutions giving you the opportunity to ask Sara, Inka’s founder, brand strategist and creative director all of your burning brand and marketing questions.

You’ll get to take home…

* A working brand strategy document that you can finalise after our session

* Plus an action list with key tasks and a suggested high-level timeline to help you stay on track

‍Then, there will be a check in session in 30 days time so you can present the work you have done since the workshop. We can then provide feedback and recommendations for how to approach next steps.

$ 2000+ GST

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Simple Digital - Google Ads Management

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Simple Digital are experts in Google Ads and have unlocked this powerful customer acquisition channel for 100's of Australian businesses.

Google Ads is one of the most effective ways to generate new business as it allows you to target potential customers at the exact time when they are searching for what you offer. The ads appear at the top of Google search results and are a great way to skip the queue and get your message out there faster.

When properly set up and managed it can offer a consistent source of leads and sales that can be scaled up and down when required. If you do a Google search right now for your products and services all you will see is ads, with maps and organic listings being pushed further and further down the page.

If your business isn't showing in the search results then I can guarantee you will be missing out.

There is a cost associated with these ads, but you only pay if someone clicks. However, clicks are nice, but sales are even better.

After managing hundreds of accounts a very similar trend has emerged, that it takes roughly 3 months of data before accounts reach profitability. As such, we have developed a 90 day program to not only get businesses up and going with Google Ads but generating a return on those ads. 

Not all businesses are suitable and we will asses each applicant in advance for their suitability, but for the majority of businesses this is a no brainer. 3 months to unlock a new source of business opportunities. 

This is the same system that we used for our own clients and have taught to leading Australian and International Marketing Agencies

The voucher gives you access to our 90 day program which includes:

- Setting up your Google Ads account

- Implementing a detailed tracking system 

- Keyword research

- Crafting compelling ad copy

- Launching and managing your ads

That should give us enough time to collect data, thoroughly test and be confident that it is a viable and long term solution for you.

NOTE: This offer only includes management of your account for 3 months, not the associated ad spend which goes directly to Google.

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Tell Your Story Media - Content Marketing

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Looking to start a podcast or video cast but don't know where to start or who to talk to? This type of content will connect you with your consumers in a real and genuine way and help you define your point of difference in the market place.

Tell Your Story Media has a studio space in the west of Melbourne that will allow you to create a 40 minute video and audio session, our experts will guide you in determining what you should discuss in this session to achieve your desired objective plus we will be on hand on the day of recording to ensure all the technical concerns are looked after and working smoothly - all you have to do is show up and be yourself. 

Receive the following;

  • 1 x strategy meeting - what do we want to achieve and how? 
  • Followed by an in studio recording session with operator 
  • 1 x long form video & audio file to be placed on your website or you tube channel 
  • 5 x video and audio cut downs to be used on various platforms 
  • 5 x teaser cut downs (30-60 seconds) for Instagram, Facebook and Linkedin

Find out more about Tell Your Story Media here

The Westsider Newspaper - Community Partnerships Advertising Packages

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Westsider Community Partnerships & Advertising Packages

Why should your organisation become a Westsider Community Partner?

  • We reach up to 23,000 people in print (10,000 papers / 2.3 readers per paper).
  • On socials, we have a weekly reach of over 25,000 via Facebook and Instagram.
  • Thousands of unique visits per month to
  • Positions your organisation as local and community focused
  • Demonstrates that you are investing in your own community
  • Provides you with new and/or increased media mentions
  • Supports your patrons or customers by funding a platform they speak on
  • Helps grow the west by funding a community-focused social enterprise


GOLD PARTNER - 4-month trial at $500 per month

‍Monthly recognition on our print & website ‘Community Partner’ page

Onboarding shout-out editorial message on print, social and web

Half-page of monthly content space for advertorial, or, sponsored banner, or, advertisement of your choice

Half-page editorial allocation - this can be gifted to a community group so you are the sponsor of their content

Social media shout-outs each month 

Co-promotion of initiatives, events & services

Invitation to Westsider social networking events

SILVER PARTNER - 8-month trial at $250 per month

Monthly recognition on our print & website ‘Community Partner’ page

Onboarding shout-out editorial message on print, social and web

Quarter-page of monthly content space for advertorial, sponsored banner or advertisement of your choice

Quarter-page editorial allocation - this can be gifted to a community group so you are the sponsor of their content

Social media shout-outs x 4 

Co-promotion of initiatives, events & services‍

Invitation to Westsider social networking events

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