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Choose from a range of other offers designed to help your business thrive.

Applications open 25 September 2023.

Iridis Cosmetics

Hair and Makeup for Photography/Videography package:

  • Every businesswoman needs professional images to showcase her business and convey her magic to the world. Having professional hair and makeup styling will take those images to the next level.
  • ‍Peta-Gai’s hair and makeup magic will have you in the best mood possible for photography. Not only because you’ll look polished, enhanced and groomed to perfection, but the chats you’ll have while you’re in her chair will make you feel like you’re one incredible woman (you are, you may have just forgotten it), you’ll be ready to have your photos taken, and be ready to take on the world. You’ll feel confident, extra gorgeous and definitely not ‘overdone’.
  • Being trained in hair and makeup for photography and video, Peta-Gai knows the five ingredients that should never be in products to ensure that there is no ‘flashback’ in flash photography, and she knows how to apply your makeup so that the camera will translate it in the most flattering way. ‍

Your Hair & Makeup Package includes a thorough pre-shoot consultation: ‍

Beautiful, camera-ready makeup to suit you, your personal brand and business. It will accurately reflect your authentic, polished and professional self. ‍

  • Flawless, non-cakey foundation.
  • Natural highlighting/contouring that will create shape to your face. ‍
  • Beautiful eyes that will enhance your features and make your eyes pop, look bigger and more expressive, without looking overdone or “too much” (unless that’s your vibe, which is also fine!)
  • Perfect colour matching of your skin tone, eye colour, hair colour, blusher and lips - to suit your outfits, your features, your personality and your personal and business brands.

Expertly styled hair for your shoot (in a “not too ‘done’” way)

  • Think soft waves, a gorgeous blow dry, a straight edge flat iron, or an effortless up-do.
  • Anything that takes your fancy for your hair to represent your personal brand and your vibe.

The skill behind this expert styling will ensure your finished look will photograph and video perfectly in any photography light - natural, studio, flash or no flash. You will look on brand, on point and perfectly YOU. ‍

1-on-1 Three & Half Hours Custom Makeup Lesson 

  • This is a makeup lesson unlike anything you’ve seen before. It’s an in-depth, hands-on makeup lesson, with all the makeup, tools and brushes supplied to create a full face of makeup to uplevel you in your business.
  • You’ll be professionally colour matched with all the correct formulations and shades so you can create a beautiful look to suit your skin, age, eye and hair colour and your personality.

    The Makeup Lesson will cover: ‍
  • The truth about skin care and what you should do to look after your skin
  • The secrets behind a flawless face of foundation that lasts 16 hrs ‍
  • Sculpting your face using highlighting and contouring and blusher‍
  • Creating quick and easy, fail-safe daytime eyes ‍
  • How to then turn them into a more polished night-time look easily and quickly‍
  • How to fill in your brows to create symmetry, shape and lift; and ‍
  • How to achieve luscious lips using lip-liner, lipstick and or gloss
  • Takeaway hand-outs, reference sheets and diagrams to help you refresh your techniques ‍
  • Peta-Gai will make you laugh, think, and help you implement her unique self-love and confidence techniques. She’ll show you the feature that makes you most beautiful and she’ll teach you how to be more positive about your appearance. You will be ready to go out in the world and create more of your magic ‍

Starter Products for your Skin and Makeup Kit to ensure your ongoing polish and up-levelling

  • What’s the point in learning how to do it, if you can’t recreate it again and again for every time you need that extra confidence boost and touch of glam? ‍
  • Take home a full Iridis starter kit including skincare, makeup, brushes and tools featuring our best-selling premium cruelty-free cosmetics for you to recreate the look you’ve learned. ‍
  • You choose which products you’d like to have in your skin and makeup kit, fully customised to suit YOU.‍

Three hour Confidence and Self-Esteem Coaching for Women in Business ‍

  • Peta-Gai will teach you to feel more confident, increase your self-esteem, self-worth and self-belief whilst positively changing how you feel about yourself. ‍
  • She believes that when you see yourself through a different lens, like what happens when you learn how to apply amazing makeup, you really see yourself differently. You notice the things that make you beautiful. That external change transforms the internal, and you start to think differently – you value yourself more. You believe you CAN, so you DO. And these little incremental changes keep moving the dial in improving your confidence. ‍
  • These changes in beliefs result in you becoming more empowered and successful because you'll be able to achieve more in your business as a result of feeling more positive about yourself. ‍
  • Sharing our unique “Iridis self-love” techniques on how to increase your self-esteem, improve how you feel about yourself and change negative self-talk, wondrous things fall into place as a result. It’s not coincidence. You’re operating differently, therefore your experience is different and more positive. Your ‘not enough’ beliefs drop away- you don’t need them anymore. ‍
  • We’ve seen women secure promotions, institute boundaries around how they are treated by others, respecting themselves more, stopping negative self-talk, focusing on their positives, they use their voice, they don’t let imposter syndrome stop them, they don’t care what others may think of them and they never apologise for being their true selves. They celebrate their wins, and they value what they bring to the table. They know all of these outcomes are as a result of how they feel about themselves and they know it is an inside job – with the perfect lipstick being a tool to help that inside job along!

Visit the Iridis Cosmetics website for more information


Kindred Studios

Kindred Studios are specialists in live music programming and activations.

To attract customers to your business we can offer:

Option 1: 4 x Solo Artist or DJ Events ‍ 

Option 2: 3 x Duo Events ‍

Option 3: ‍2 x Trio Events ‍

All options include: ‍

  • Site visit and consultation with programmer (genre, run times, dates, requirements).
  • Promotional materials on artists (digital photos and bios).
  • Social media event creation (if required).
  • All music equipment, speakers, leads and set up.
  • Event Bump in (artist set up/liaison).

Visit the Kindred Studios website for more information


The Exercise Room

With an increasing concern about sedentary lifestyles and rising health issues, we recognise the critical need for accessible fitness options. The Exercise Room offers state of the art equipment and expert guidance that can help individuals of all fitness levels to lead healthier lives. This can help businesses within the community thrive as a healthier and more energetic staff are more productive, less likely to get sick and have greater self-confidence. ‍

We can help your business become healthier with the below options:

Option 1: 5 x 12-month memberships for staff

Option 2: 10 x six month memberships for staff 

Option 3: 1 x complimentary personal training session for each staff member per month

Option 4: 1 x group training session for staff every three months ‍

Exercising together will also help build rapport and comradery within the staff which they can bring back to the workplace. The impact on not only physical health but mental health is another reason as to why your business should offer this membership to your staff. As exercise has been shown to relieve stress and reduce symptoms of conditions such as depression and anxiety. The Exercise room is an inclusive environment where people from all backgrounds are welcomed. With some businesses already on board there is no reason as to why we shouldn’t strive to build a more active community together.

Visit The Exercise Room webiste for more information

Exercise Room