Video has proven to be an effective way of telling authentic stories about businesses and connecting with customers.


Artificial Studios - Video and Photography Profile for Small Business

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Artificial Studios is a full-service Video, Photography & Animation production company based in Maribyrnong. We specialise in bringing small businesses to life using story telling visuals. We have spent 18 years helping our clients attract the attention of their customers and engage with their community.


We use vibrant and creative storytelling to connect to your customers and bring your business to life. We unobtrusively capture dynamic videos and photos, and we excel at making our subjects feel comfortable and at ease. A shoot with us is always a fun and positive experience and will result in high quality and unique videos and photos  that capture your vision.


Visual communication is the most compelling form of communication in today’s modern world of high competition and limited attention spans.

Video and photography are powerful tools to shape your vision and connect with your customers. Whether you’re promoting a new project, a new product or simply sharing an important message, we are here to support you.



We work closely with you to develop a strategy and timeline to deliver your projects on time and on budget. We help you identify the best approach to meet your objectives and capture your vision. We will workshop the visuals you need, the messages they communicate and what you want to portray. You are the expert on your business and we are the experts in video and photography. Together, we will create a strong and creative visual message to reach your target audience and show them how fantabulous you are.


OUR MARIBYRNONG PACKAGE - $2000 (usually valued at $2,705. Save $705):

Grab the attention of your audience with our exclusive offer of a discounted VIDEO AND PHOTOGRAPHY package for the Maribyrnong community.


. 4-hour Video Shoot: videos of staff, product and services

• 2-min HD video with close captioning

• 30-second video for social media.

Optional Add-ons

• Drone Shoots

• 2D Animation

• Motion Graphics

• Hair and make-up

• Voiceovers



1-hour Photo Shoot includes:

• Portraits of you and your staff, product and services

• Photos of staff in action interacting with customers

• We retouch every high-resolution image

• All images are also resized for social media and web use



We work as a team from our initial meeting in which we develop objectives and concepts. We will guide you through the shoot process and advise on location and dress code to make sure that you look and sound your best.

‍You will end up with high quality, customised, dynamic videos and photos to help your business shine and attract those you want to reach most.


Artificial Studios has over 18 years of expertise in video and photography, and has been based in Maribyrnong City Council since 2015. We are committed to not just supporting local and small business in the area, but also hiring and using local suppliers and equipment wherever possible.

We are passionate about supporting small businesses and local communities engaged in culture and the arts and with culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) communities

Our approachable, relaxed and experienced videographers are experts when it comes to getting a smile out of even the most nervous star and showcase them in an authentic and natural way. We guarantee a positive and fun experience for everyone involved.

As a small business with dedicated staff, we can bend with and help support our client’s specific needs. From the moment we meet to the moment you receive your final videos and photos, we are there to support you through the process and get you the best results.

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