Start Now Pre-Accelerator Program


It's official! "Start, Now" is back in 2022! 

So, have you been thinking about launching that business idea into reality?

Well, then this pre-accelerator is for you. The crew at Now have a long history of helping people start, launch and scale ideas from the kitchen table, all the way to the global stage.

After careful design and development, Start, Now has been positioned to reflect the actual needs of the ‘real-world’ rather than the dusty theories that lay dormant in textbooks.



Basically, Start, Now is:

  • A no-nonsense, engaging program that supports you in launching your startup;
  • Designed to accelerate the process of validating a startup idea;
  • Helping you develop and scale the startup or idea into a sustainable model.

We believe that embedding a strong entrepreneurial mindset, will not only improve the chances of business success but also increases the chance of an individual finding purpose within their career, a very worthy outcome.

The program is scheduled to commence on February 16th 2022, so get in early to secure your place.

Find out more at or apply here!