Environmental upgrades to your property

Environmental Upgrades.png

Want to save money on your running costs and improve your environmental performance?

We are partnering with the Sustainable Melbourne Fund to offer businesses and commercial property owners in our municipality the opportunity to enter an Environmental Upgrade Agreement (EUA).

What is an EUA?

These are formal agreements between Council, the building owner and a financial lender to support building upgrades and improve environmental performance.

Through an EUA, you can:

  • increase the value of your asset
  • reduce running costs, such as electricity, heating and cooling
  • improve your tenant's working conditions.

How does the EUA work?

A finance lender provides a loan and the building owner pays it back through Council (like Council rates). Council’s involvement in this process ensures that the loan is highly secure and the lender will provide better terms. The tenant can use a portion of the energy savings to contribute to repayments.

There is no upfront capital required.

Apply for an EUA

To enquire about applying, please contact Sustainable Australia Fund.

They will check your eligibility and assist you throughout the application process.