Rubbish and graffiti

Business Rubbish.png

City Amenity Program

Council is responsible for maintaining public spaces in a clean well-presented way for the community. This includes the following:

Overflowing bins

Business District street litter bins are emptied daily with recycling bins emptied once per week. Please contact us if notice any overflowing bins.

Illegally dumped rubbish and graffiti

Regular inspections are conducted within the municipality to remove and report on illegally dumped rubbish and graffiti.

Street sweeping

Street sweeping is run on a zoned program, where each street within the municipality will be swept a minimum three times per year.


Please report any overflowing bins, illegally dumped rubbish or graffiti on or around your property via MyMaribyrnong or  To assist us with your request, please provide contact details and a photo where possible.