Solar Savers for Business

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Interested in reducing running costs with solar? Solar Savers is here to support you with access to advice, financial incentives, and trusted suppliers.  

Solar Savers offers businesses direct access to trusted suppliers of quality solar and battery systems, helping you save money while reducing your carbon footprint. The program is available to both owner-occupiers and tenants. The Solar Savers team provides ongoing support to ensure peace of mind while doing your part for the planet.

Your business will receive free advice for choosing an affordable solar system tailored to your property and cost savings estimates. The Solar Savers team will connect you with an accredited provider who’ll give you a fair price. This service is available for all entity types, including not-for-profits and charities.  


Small to medium businesses are eligible for a 50% rebate of costs up to $3,500 and an interest-free loan of $5,000. Environmental Upgrade Agreements are also available to building owners, providing access to highly secure loans with no upfront capital required.

How it works

  1. Visit the Solar Savers Business website to register your interest in the program.
  2. We will check that you are eligible for the program and rebates through some simple questions about your business, roof, and electricity use.
  3. We connect you with trusted installers who discuss the different options available to you.
  4. Should you choose to proceed, you can review a quote and pay a deposit.
  5. The installer will then guide you through the process from the very beginning until your new Solar PV system is installed