SC2 Smart City Data Platform

Smart City Data Platform

The SC2 Smart City Data Platform collects and displays information from a variety of smart sensors located around the City of Maribyrnong.  The platform has been developed in partnership between Council and Victoria University and will continue to evolve.

There are three data platform modules:

  1. City Discovery (Community) (using data to understand and improve residents and visitors experiences)
  2. Planning (using data to inform city planning, design and infrastructure)
  3. Innovation (for VU staff and students to undertake research and innovation projects).

Members of the community can access live data, including: real-time parking availability; pedestrian, cyclist and vehicle movement counters; air quality readings; and information on the expanded free public WiFi network.

The Smart City Data Platform will enable data-driven decisions to support ongoing improvements to Council’s service delivery, Victoria University’s innovation projects and resident experience.

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