A Smart City for Smart Communities

A ‘Smart City’ is designed with people at the centre.  It uses digital technology, data and innovation to enhance outcomes such as liveability, prosperity and sustainability for its communities.

To put it simply:

A ‘Smart City’ is one which uses technology, data and innovation to help make the city a better place.


Watch a short video to learn about some of Council’s Smart City initiatives.

The City of Maribyrnong commenced its Smart City journey in 2019 with the delivery of the Smart City for Social Cohesion project which was a series of pilot projects delivered around the Footscray CBD area in partnership with Victoria University and with funding from the Australian Government’s Smart Cities and Suburbs Program.

In 2022 a Draft Smart City Strategic Framework was released which will provide ongoing governance and direction for the delivery of Smart City initiatives.

Our Smart City Vision

A community that is empowered to embrace the benefits of smart technology to support:
Inclusion; Innovation; Sustainability; Collaboration; Creativity; Transparency; Leadership and Connection.


While we are only at the start of our Smart City journey, it is an exciting space and will create new opportunities for collaboration. For further information contact a member of our Smart Cities Team via email at smartcity@maribyrnong.vic.gov.au

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