Take part at home

Take part in 'Threads of Connection' at home!

You only need a few simple materials and your family can still join in the fun at home. The only thing you have to decide is when you and your child can enjoy the activities together!

Streamer Webs


Materials: Paper streamer

Activity: Weave the streamer around your home. Make a web that you crawl under, over and through.

I felt like I was moving across a real web. I was the spider.

String Drawings



Materials: Cotton Yarn and Black Paper

Activity: Use a black piece of paper, arrange pieces of thin thread on the page.

“I tried drawing with wool the characters I draw with pencils. The wool wouldn’t listen. I let it be itself.”

Thread of Life



Materials: Thick Wool

Activity: Tie thick pieces of wool out the front of your house, on the fence, a tree or mailbox so neighbours will see. As you tie the pieces think of a special person in your life. Go for a walk and see if you can spot any other colourful threads.

Lets explore ’thread as a symbol for human connection.

For translated activity pack instructions, please view the attached document below.

Further information

Share photos of your favourite string drawing to our online gallery here: maribyrnong.vic.gov.au/childrensweek or upload to social media and tag #marimoments #childrensweekthreads

Safety Note: Monitor young children when playing with thread. Avoid wrapping string tightly around body parts.

Consider the Environment: Please pass this activity on or recycling materials if possible.

Threads of Connection is designed by artists from The Ball Room Projects and commissioned by Maribyrnong City Council.