Community activities

Harmony Feast 2016

Neighbourhood Houses and Community Centres are at the heart of community life in the City of Maribyrnong.

They are bright, active places that bring people together in their neighbourhoods and where activities and opportunities to participate in programs are offered. These centres also give people the chance to connect with one another in a supportive and pleasant environment.

There are seven Neighbourhood House and Community Centres in the City of Maribyrnong that are unique but share similar characteristics.

  • All community members are welcome and treated with dignity and respect.
  • The needs and aspirations of the community are responded to.
  • People come together to connect, learn and contribute in their local community through social, educational, recreational and support activities. 
  • Quality programs, activities and services are delivered.
  • Centres are inclusive and encourage people to volunteer and be active community members.
  • Diversity and difference is highly valued.

Neighbourhood Houses welcome people from all walks of life. This inclusive approach creates opportunities for individuals and groups to enrich their lives through connections they might not otherwise make.

Together, Neighbourhood House and Community Centres in Maribyrnong provide real and timely community support, adult education and learning activities, opportunities for youth and children, social support, health and wellbeing, community development and civic activities along with services for people at all ages and stages of their lives. Programs and activities are developed in response to the needs and concerns of the citizens in the neighbourhood and with their input - which is highly valued and a key component of the philosophy of Neighbourhood House and Community Centres.

Community Garden Plots

Maidstone Community Centre

Maidstone Community Centre have a few vacant plots available for those that are keen to grow their own fresh produce. There's still time to get your winter crop started or get in early for spring. Contact the Centre for availabilities.

Links 4 Women Self Help Group

Maidstone Community Centre

The L4W Self Help Group is a social support group for isolated women that runs on a monthly basis at Maidstone Community Centre. This group was formed by women who attended the L4W Program that was run jointly by Council and Cohealth. Some of the women from that program had voiced their need to keep meeting once the program finished. The L4W Self Help Group was then established about five years ago.

The members of the group meet on the first Wednesday of the month and share each other's company and afternoon tea. This group gives members the chance to socialise, share their experiences and talk about topical subjects. All members of the L4W Self Help Group look forward to getting together as, for some, it is their only social outing. 


Maidstone Community Centre

Continental Cake and Deli Tour

who wants to come on a mystery tour of the west? One mini bus, ten people four to five stops. we promise it will fun as our amazing tour guide Milli Bones will wave in and out of  the streets of Maribyrnong so you can sample mouth watering delights from around the world. 

Date: 12 November

Time: 10am - 1pm

Cost: $15


Our courses are very popular, so make sure you get in quickly! Once we have received your enrolment form, we will contact you to confirm your place.

Enrol online

Alternatively, you can download an enrolment form below and return it to Maidstone Community Centre via email or in person.

Find out what other Community Centre activities are taking place, see the events page.