Footscray Smart City for Social Cohesion Project

Smart City Image

The Footscray Smart City for Social Cohesion (SC2) Project stems from the Footscray University Town initiative, a partnership between Council and Victoria University which combines efforts of both organisations to align University, business and community interests and activities.

The SC2 Project uses smart technologies to improve city performance and citizen experience, creating a smarter, more digitally engaged city. Smart sensors, smart lighting, digital kiosks and an expansion of the free public wifi network are some of the key smart technology initiatives being implemented across Footscray.

Installation of the smart hardware is currently underway with completion of the project expected by July 2020.


Once the project is live, a range of data from the smart sensors will be collected and analysed on an integrated platform. The Social Cohesion Platform will enable data-driven decision making for Council, VU and the community.


For further information on the SC2 Project, please see the following media release (29 January 2020).

    If you would like to find out more about this project and opportunities to be involved in making Footscray a more digitally engaged city, then please get in touch here.