Older Persons Reference Group

We are committed to promoting a community that all people, including senior members, can access, and where all people feel welcome.

The Older Person’s Reference Group (OPRG) was established to ensure active participation by older people within the municipality, and aims to:

  • consult older people and ensure community input and discussion
  • provide strategic advice on issues relevant to older people at the local level
  • provide knowledge of the target group across Council functions
  • provide feedback and advice to Council on its policies, plans and services that impact older people.

Scope of the Group

  • advising Council on issues experienced by older people
  • providing advice on how council policies, facilities and services can best reflect the needs of older people
  • working collaboratively with Council on the development and implementation of policies and action plans which affect older people
  • raising issues for Council to consider in its advocacy role on behalf of this community
  • promoting positive images of ageing through opportunities created by Council
  • considering funding and other opportunities as they arise

Download the OPRG Terms of Reference(DOCX, 29KB)


Members are encouraged to invite other people to attend OPRG meetings as Observers. Observers will be asked to complete the Observer Application Form.(DOC, 52KB)