Community benefits of Hall St/Hyde St intersection redevelopment

Published on 14 May 2020

Council’s priority is keeping our community and road users safe, and following the upgrade of Yarraville’s Hall Street/Hyde Street intersection in 2017, there has been no recorded vehicle incidents at the intersection to date.

Prior to the upgrade, Council received numerous enquiries from residents about visibility issues and safety at the intersection, and there were 10 casualty crashes recorded between 1 January 2011 and 31 December 2015. These crashes included six injury crashes and four serious injury crashes, with one of the serious injury crashes involving a head-on collision between a vehicle and cyclist.  

After collecting traffic volume and speed data in 2015, Council submitted the project to VicRoads for funding. In 2017, the project was designed and delivered, and involved the installation of a flat speed hump at the Hall Street/Hyde Street intersection with green paint added to the existing bike lanes along Hyde Street. In 2018, 40 km/hr speed signs were introduced to the area as part of the Safer Local Roads project.  

Since the implementation of the safety treatments (both physical improvements and 40km/hr signage) in 2018, no injury crash has been recorded at the intersection to date, and Council has not received any enquiries from residents regarding safety at the intersection. 

Traffic data comparison on Hall Street:


Year 2015

Year 2018*

Year 2020

Speed Limit

50 km/hr

50 km/hr

40 km/hr

Traffic Volume

(5 day Average Daily Traffic)

609 vehicles

495 vehicles

519 vehicles

85th Percentile Speed**

50 km/hr

44.8 km/hr

37 km/hr


Note: * The 2018 data was collected in April 2018, before the commencement of detour of heavy vehicles through Hall Street in June 2018.

**The speed 85% of vehicles travel at or below.  

The data collected over the three years clearly outlines that combined, the physical safety treatments and the 40 km/hr speed reductions have proven to be effective and attributed to an overall speed reduction in the area. These positive speed reductions have improved community safety in the area for all road users - pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. 

For more information about the Safer Local Roads project, please visit  

A word from Mayor, Cr Sarah Carter:

“I am very pleased that this area is now safer for pedestrians, cyclists and drivers. I want all members of our community to feel safe in our streets, and it’s great to see that the infrastructure Council is putting in place, is having positive impacts in our shared spaces.”  


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