Community thinking driving Annual Budget development

Published on 23 December 2021


The first round of community engagement to inform the development of the Annual Budget is complete, with more than double the amount of submissions received during this phase than on the Draft Budget document last year (Annual Budget 2021/22).

This year Council has sought comments and priorities early from the community to help inform the contents of the document, as opposed to seeking comments on a prepared Draft.

This new approach provides enhanced opportunities for the community to help influence and shape the direction of the document from the beginning – putting them in the driver’s seat as opposed to the passenger seat.

Key themes to emerge in this initial conversation focus on:

  • footpath, bike path and shared-user path improvements
  • upgrade of public outdoor facilities and amenities, including establishing more trees, public toilets, bin and exercise facilities
  • road and traffic improvements, including road resurfacing and safety improvements
  • more services and programs to support the community, with the emphasis on mental health and inclusion for young people
  • sustainability and the environment, including local electric vehicle charging options and solar to store renewable energy and reduce the reliance on fossil fuels

Some of the comments received reinforce those previously shared during the development of the Council Plan and Financial Plan – including the expectation of public outdoor spaces, more greenery, better roads and footpaths, and services and amenities for the entire community to enjoy.

We will be sharing a draft budget document, prepared with community input, with the community for further review and commentary in April 2022.

The Annual Budget 2022/23 will leverage off the four-year Budget, adopted in June, and the Financial Plan, adopted in October this year, to confirm both the planned income and service deliverables Council will provide for its community over the course of the next financial year.

For more information about the development of the Annual Budget 2022/23, visit

For more information about the Annual Budget, visit

Message from the Mayor, Cr Anthony Tran

The Annual Budget provides the means for Council to deliver services on behalf of the community and their priorities.

Flipping the community engagement process this year and seeking community thinking from the start – to inform the document – is a pioneering approach that has resulted in a broader range of community views early on to help shape the direction of the document.

I thank everyone who took the time to share their views and encourage everyone to review the Draft Budget next year – to continue this conversation and make sure it meets their needs and aspirations.

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