Council now lead agency in West Footscray/ Tottenham fire recovery

Published on 14 September 2018


Rehabilitating Stony Creek and the health and wellbeing of residents will continue to be the priority of Maribyrnong City Council, as it moves into the role of lead agency in the recovery phase following the West Footscray/ Tottenham fire.

The site has now been handed back over to the owner. The EPA has issued them a number of notices which require the site owners to inspect the property daily to check on any materials stored there, install security fences, keep access ways clear and to ensure that plans are in place so no run off can enter stormwater drains.

Council is working with the owner to ensure these notices are carried out and that contingencies are in place to prevent any further contamination of Stony Creek due to heavy rain that is forecast  for this weekend.

In collaboration with the EPA and Melbourne Water, Council is finalising the draft recovery plan for Stony Creek. We are committed to working with the local community groups for their input and assistance in implementing it.

Council has been working closely with the community following the fire, facilitating three well-attended forums for both the community and traders and also an online Q&A with experts from Council, the EPA and Melbourne Water on Maribyrnong’s Facebook page.

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