Council endorses first-ever Climate Emergency Strategy

Published on 09 September 2020


Maribyrnong City Council has endorsed its first Climate Emergency Strategy at last night’s Ordinary Council Meeting.

The Climate Emergency Strategy was written by the Climate Emergency Community Advisory Group to identify strong, overarching goals to address to the climate emergency, eliminate greenhouse gas emissions and drawdown existing emissions from the atmosphere.  

Council invited community members to nominate to be part of the Advisory Group in November 2019. From the 64 nominations received, 15 community members were selected in February 2020 and worked together online from April to July to develop the Strategy.   

The Climate Emergency Community Advisory Group said “we’re incredibly pleased that we were able to represent the community in developing the Climate Emergency Strategy. Such a large group meeting online during the COVID-19 pandemic was challenging, but Council provided us with support to collaborate. We are very proud of the Climate Emergency Strategy. This strong, strategic document will allow Council to develop a world-leading action plan that reduces emissions and draws down carbon within the City of Maribyrnong.”   

The Climate Emergency Strategy is Council’s first strategic document regarding the climate emergency and is the first part of our three-step response:  

  1. Developing and endorsing the Climate Emergency Strategy, which outlines overarching goals;
  2. Developing and adopting the Climate Emergency Action Plan, which will outline detailed actions to meet the goals outlined in the Climate Emergency Strategy; and
  3. Implementing the Climate Emergency Strategy and Climate Emergency Action Plan.  

In February 2019, Council acknowledged that we are in a state of climate emergency that requires urgent action by all levels of government. In making this acknowledgment, Council joined an international movement, with over 1,500 jurisdictions around the world having acknowledged or declared a climate emergency.  

For more information and to view the Climate Emergency Strategy, please visit the website.  

Message from the Mayor, Cr Sarah Carter

"Council is proud to endorse the City’s first Climate Emergency Strategy, which has been written by members of our very own community. This Strategy is our first step in working together with our community to help protect and preserve our planet, to prevent the negative long-term climate impacts and to restore a safe climate for our entire community and future generations to enjoy."

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