Maribyrnong City Council signs on to VECO

Published on 19 May 2021


Maribyrnong City Council is leading the way as one of 46 Victorian Councils to participate in the largest ever emissions reduction project by local government in Australia.


VECO, the Victorian Energy Collaboration, will provide 46 Victorian Councils with 100 per cent renewable electricity from wind power, reducing greenhouse emissions by 260,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide equivalent (C02e) emissions every year while saving money at the same time.


This landmark collaboration demonstrates the value of local government working together on common issues to achieve optimum outcomes for our environment and budget, and shows Council’s commitment to leadership and taking urgent, strong action on the climate emergency.


Owned by Snowy Hydro, Red Energy, a 100 per cent Australian owned and operated energy retailer based in Melbourne, will provide the renewable electricity to the Councils in the VECO purchasing group for a period of up to 9.5 years, beginning 1 July 2021. The 240GWh of renewable electricity provided by Red Energy is equivalent to powering 45,000 homes or removing the greenhouse emissions of 90,000 cars every year.


As part of the project, Maribyrnong City Council will use renewable electricity to power 100% of its electricity use - including the Footscray Town Hall building, the Maribyrnong Aquatic Centre, street lights, libraries, community centres and all other Council sites.

Switching to 100 per cent renewable electricity will occur as Council’s current contracts expire – all smaller sites will switch over on 1 July 2021, while larger sites will switch over on 1 January 2022.

The renewable electricity will be generated right here in Victoria, by two wind farms – Dundonnell wind farm near Mortlake, and Murra Warra II wind farm near Horsham. Both wind farms have, and will continue to deliver economic benefits to the regions during construction and ongoing operation, and form an important part of state, regional and local economic development.

Maribyrnong City Council acknowledged the climate emergency in 2019, resulting in the development of Council’s Climate Emergency Strategy, 2021-2025. The Strategy commits Council to response to the urgency of the Climate Emergency, and this project forms a key part of Council’s response.

The VECO project, initiated and facilitated by Darebin City Council and the Victorian Greenhouse Alliances, recognises the benefits of renewable electricity for the environment and the economy.

For more information about the Climate Emergency Strategy, visit the website:

Message from the Mayor, Cr Michael Clarke

Council is thrilled to be collaborating with 45 Council’s from across the state in this program.

Taking significant steps like this is one of the many ways we are responding to our commitment to address the climate emergency – and the great news is, that this is not only reducing greenhouse emissions, it’s also saving money on our electricity bills, allowing us to provide additional support for our community in areas needed most.

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