Council officially launches Smart City Strategic Framework

Published on 10 June 2022

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Another milestone has been achieved in Council’s Smart City journey with the official launch of the Smart City Strategic Framework during a Showcase study tour and networking event hosted on behalf of the Australian Smart Communities Association (ASCA).

Mayor Cr Anthony Tran told the gathering of smart city professionals the framework will allow Council to expand its program, while defining a clear governance structure and ensuring robust processes are in place for key Smart City decisions to align with other Council priorities.

“Testing a range of pilot projects has given Council confidence investing in technology, data and innovation is the key to helping service our community’s needs better.“

The Smart City journey began in 2019 with a $400,000 grant from the Australian Government’s Smart Cities and Suburbs Program to deliver the ‘Smart City for Social Cohesion’ project. With that grant, and in partnership with Victoria University, a range of smart city technologies were installed around Footscray.

“While the Smart City for Social Cohesion project was fantastic for us, it also highlighted a need to strategically align our smart city program with the broad range of services we provide. The establishment of this Framework sets us up at the starting line for what will be an exciting future,” Mayor Tran continued.

Work on developing the framework began in 2021 with community feedback informed changes, including providing more clarity around data privacy, and a reassurance that Smart Cities is not an enabler of ‘Big Brother’ type monitoring technology that could impinge on privacy.

You can learn more about the Strategic Framework on our website here.

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