Recovery update

Published on 10 May 2019

Fire site May 2019.jpg

EPA and Melbourne Water presented aerial drone video footage of the Stony Creek rehabilitation worksite between the fire site and Paramount Road at the Stony Creek Stakeholder Advisory Group meeting last Thursday 2 May. EPA is awaiting results from sampling carried out in the week of 30 April.

Melbourne Water has advised that topographical surveys are taking place around the fire site to determine where contamination is spread across the site, and to help assess the stability of the creek after the desilting works have been completed.

Sadly, some trees at the fire site have not survived and have been removed to make access easier for more desilting works. The trees have been mulched and spread over the creek banks to keep weeds at bay.

Contaminated material from the spoil stockpile (located at the fire site) has been processed and treated with specialised equipment so that it can be safely removed off site. Larger machinery will be up and running next week to quickly and efficiently process and treat the remaining contaminated material. Once the existing spoil stockpile has been treated and removed further desilting works will begin.

An inspection carried out at the site on Tuesday 7 May proved that sediment and debris control measures have been working well after rainfall. Further inspections are planned to monitor conditions and ensure sediment and debris control measures continue as planned.

EPA’s ongoing advice is:

  • Avoid contact with the water in Stony Creek.
  • Don’t walk along the edge of Stony Creek.
  • Don't let pets swim in the area or drink the water.
  • As a precaution avoid eating fish from Stony Creek.
  • Seek medical help if you feel unwell.
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