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Good Design Standard

Good Design Standard

The Good Design Standard is a planning tool to improve the quality of housing and neighbourhood developments in our City. It can also help improve communication between the planning permit applicant, architect, building designer, planning consultants and Council.

The Standard should be considered at the start of the planning stage for any new development and responses may be discussed with you at a planning pre-application meeting, or following your lodgement of a planning application.

Who is the Good Design Standard for?

Council encourages anyone planning to build one or more dwellings to complete the Good Design Standard assessment.

How The Good Design Standard Works

The Good Design Standard is simple to use and draws on existing state and local planning policy. It does not add additional controls to the planning scheme, in fact, if followed correctly it may result in a a more efficient planning process.

The Standard is based on ten questions which help you address important design and development considerations. By answering these questions and rating the application against each question, you will be able to demonstrate how your applications meets the Good Design Standard.

The 10 questions ask you to consider:

  • Design of your development in relation to its context and surroundings
  • Impacts on the surrounding area including car parking, landscaping, external finishes and design
  • Internal design issues including accessibility and access to space and light

Using the Self-Assessment Tool

You can then use the ‘Good Design Standard: Self-Assessment Form’ to assist in rating your development against the traffic light system.

The traffic light system consists of the following ratings:

  • Green light - meets the desired objective
  • Amber light - has room for improvement
  • Red light - fails to address the objectives, or, not enough information provided


For more information contact:
Urban Planning
9688 0200

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