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Traffic on Napier Street

Noise Reduction Policy Review

According to the World Health Organisation, excessive noise seriously harms human health and interferes with people’s daily activities at school, at work, at home and during leisure time. It can disturb sleep, cause cardiovascular and psychophysiological effects, reduce performance and provoke annoyance responses and changes in social behaviour.

VicRoads is currently reviewing its Traffic Noise Reduction Policy in recognition of Victoria’s continued growth, along with increased traffic and greater night-time truck numbers. Maribyrnong Council made a submission to the discussion paper that was circulated for comment.

VicRoads Noise Policy, developed in 1989 and updated in 1997 and 2005, does not address noise as a health issue only an environment issue. This was clearly an oversight by VicRoads, as noise was identified as a health problem by the World Health Organisation as early as 1980.

Council's Submission

Council’s submission to the review summarised a number of issues that directly impact our residents, focusing particularly on the health implications of noise and made recommendations to address both current and future problems.

Francis Street and Somerville Road are subjected to noise levels well in excess of the WHO guidelines. The four schools located in the area would fall into the zone of excessive noise, which would impact on the learning abilities of the students.

Council made a total of 15 recommendations, focusing on areas such as the aging truck fleet; the impact of increased container traffic; education programs for drivers; noise objectives aligned with WHO guidelines; reducing truck numbers on residential streets.

Council provided a more detailed submission in the 2nd round of consultation.


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