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Number of Animals Allowed

You are allowed to keep a limited number of animals on your property without obtaining a special permit. When the number of animals exceeds the specified limits you need to obtain a permit.

Number of Animals Allowed in Houses and Flats / Units Without a Permit

Type of Animal Maximum Allowed On Land Maximum Allowed - Multi Residential Dwelling
Budgerigars, canaries and finches 25 5
Pigeons 10 Not Permitted
Racing pigeons 30 Not Permitted
Poultry (except roosters) 10 Not Permitted
Dogs (over three (3) months old) 3 2
Dogs (under three (3) months old) 4 4
Cats (over three (3) months old) 3 2
Cats (under three (3) months old) 4 4
Reptiles 10 5
Ferrets, guinea pigs, rabbits or mice 8 2

Applying for a Permit

Heidi the Cat

If you wish to keep more than 3 dogs or cats on your property you need to:

Step 1: Complete a permit application form

Step 2: Deposit the form and the $45.00 fee with Council
Step 3: Arrange a time for a Council officer to visit your premises
Step 4: If you obtain approval it is your responsibility to register your new dog or cat.

For more information contact:
Animal Management
9688 0200

After your application is received Council staff will:

  • Arrange a time to come to your property to inspect the premises for yard size, adequate fencing and appropriate sleeping quarters
  • Speak to your surrounding neighbours to gauge their level of support or interest. You may wish to discuss this matter with your neighbours before the inspection.
  • Issue the permit through the mail if your application is successful

For more information on responsible pet ownership, please visit the Responsible Pet Owners Program website detailed below.

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