Apartments and Multi-Unit Dwellings

Apartments and Multi-Unit Dwellings.jpg

If you live in an apartment, unit, or a property with multiple residences, your bin and waste management services (including hard rubbish collections) may be arranged on your behalf by the Owners Corporation or Building Manager.

Council does not currently offer a food and garden waste service for residents in apartment buildings and multi-unit developments. Food and garden waste bins have been provided to all detached or stand-alone residential homes as part of a state-wide initiative and the introduction of food and garden waste services for multi-unit developments will be included in future roll outs.

Residents of multi dwelling complexes of 10 or more residences should not contact Council to arrange individual hard rubbish collections.

Please contact your Owners Corporation or Building Manager who can inform you of the way waste services are managed for your complex, including hard rubbish. This ensures that a coordinated approach is taken to waste management for your building.