Bin It Better Survey

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We are launching a recycling education campaign to reduce the amount of contamination in recycling bins, which often occurs due to misunderstandings about what can be recycled.

Research reveals that even committed recyclers make mistakes, such as recycling old or broken glassware and crockery.

'Bin it Better' aims to inform residents about recycling practices to maximise recycling and minimise contamination.

The campaign, funded by Sustainability Victoria, seeks to empower Maribyrnong residents to place the correct items in the right bins for collection.

By providing clear guidance and education, Council aims to enhance community awareness and engagement in recycling efforts.

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By working together to improve recycling practices, everyone can contribute to a cleaner future for the community and you can get involved by taking part in the Bin it Better Survey.

Tell us how you Bin it Better before 30 June 2024.

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