Council policies, strategies and guidelines

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Council has a number of policies, strategies and guidelines to guide its decision making on environmental issues including waste management. Below are the guiding documents which affect the way waste is managed throughout the city.

Waste Policy 2014

The objectives of the Waste Policy 2014 are to ensure:

  1. That the allocation of waste and recycling services are provided in a consistent and reliable manner.
  2. Access to waste and recycling services is provided equitably to all residents.
  3. New residential and commercial developments are provided with appropriate and safe waste and recycling services.
  4. Transparency and accountability in Council decision making.

The Waste Policy 2014 can be download below.

Waste Minimisation Strategy 2014-2023 (currently under review)

The objectives of the Waste Minimisation Strategy 2014-2023 are to:

  1. Avoid the generation of waste.
  2. Increase the re-use and recovery of materials from the municipal waste stream to equal or exceed the average for Metropolitan Melbourne by 2024.
  3. Reduce recycling contamination rates by at least 50% by 2024.
  4. Communicate waste minimisation objectives to our community in an effective manner.
  5. Minimise adverse impacts of waste operations on public and environmental health and safety.
  6. Ensure the provision of Council’s waste services is cost effective and equitable.

The Waste Minimisation Strategy 2014-2023 can be downloaded below.

Waste Management Planning Guidelines for Multi-Unit Dwellings

The Waste Management Planning Guidelines for Multi-Unit Dwellings are intended as a guide for developers and planning permit applicants to assist in the preparation of a plan to manage the garbage and recycling needs of developments.

The Waste Management Planning Guidelines for Multi-Unit Dwellings can be downloaded below.